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First samples taken with the X100T uploaded by David Hobby, but quickly removed


 photo X10T_zpsfe4715a6.png

FR-reader Luke stumbled on this interesting dpreview thread. The screenshot can found at

Apparently, David Hobby uploaded a set of sample images from the X100T to his Flickr account by mistake. The images have since been removed, as he broke his NDA (non-disclosure agreement) by publishing them.

The name is nothing new for FR-readers. I told you over a month ago that X100T could be the name of the X100S successor. The focal lenght remains 23 (APS-C, according to mirrorlessrumors).

(TS= trusted source / NeS =New Source / AS = Anonymous Source / SRP = source who was right in the past, but not yet trusted)

  • X100T (TS + NeS + leaked by X-photographer David Hobby)
  • 24MP X-Trans sensor (NeS)
  • APS-C (ORS)
  • faster AF than X100S (NeS)
  • tilt screen (NeS)
  • new fixed lens (NeS)
  • 23mm (leaked by X-photographer David Hobby)
  • new EVF, better than X100S, but not as much as X-T1 (NeS)
  • wider phase detection area (NeS)