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Godox XPro Transmitter for Fujifilm Coming by the End of 2017


Godox just announced it’s XPro transmitter.

You can find specs and price for the Canon version here at Adorama.

A Fujifilm version will come by the end of the year, as CheetahStand (who sells rebranded Godox equipment under the name “Cheetah”) said here on facebook:

The Godox XPro will replace XT32.
XPro can do TTL and HSS…XT32 is HSS only.
XPro and XT32 do not have pass through hot shoe.
X1 has pass through hot shoe…so you can put other brand speed light on top the X1…also you can put other brand transmitter on the X1 hot shoe.
XPro Canon is in production now….Nikon Olympus,Panasonic,Sony and Fuji will soon introduce by the end of this year.
US price $69.”