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Where is the Fujinon XF 18mm F2 MK II ? … and About Fujifilm Lens Roadmaps


Where is the Fujinon XF18mm F2 MK II

In these days, I’m getting the following question very often via email, and I thought it would be better to dedicate it an own article: why is there no Fujinon XF18mmF2 MK II on Fuji’s new X-mount lens roadmap?

The answer: it is on Fujifilm’s internal roadmap, but not yet on the public one.

Interal Roadmaps Vs. Public Roadmaps

In the past, Fujifilm publicly shared comprehensive long term lens roadmaps. But as you know, Fujifilm tends to change plans rather often, also based on feedback from the community. So it happened that lenses promised in the public roadmap were scrapped or changed (remember how Fuji cancelled the 120mm, which was on the roadmap?)… changes, some people did not like.

So, in order to avoid to annoy some people by roadmap changes, Fujifilm decided to share only those lenses in the public roadmap, that are 100% sure, final and next to be released.

But, of course, long term internal roadmaps still exist, like the G-mount roadmap we have leaked here on FujiRumors back in April 2017, where you can see many GF lenses, including the GF250, which is now officially part of the roadmap since September 2017.

The long rumored XF18mmF2 MK II reminds me a bit to the XF 8-16 rumor story.

We shared the first rumor of the 8-16/2.8 back in May 2016. But it took Fujifilm 17 months (!!!), to finally put it in the roadmap, in September 2017.

So keep in mind, that when you read a lens rumor (or any rumor) here on Fujirumors, it does not mean the lens is just around the corner and we will 100% see it in the next roadmap update. It might take some time to see it become real… if ever ;)

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