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Fujinon XF 80mm Macro “Sharpest Lens I Have Ever Used in My Entire Life… but Too Sharp For Portraits”


Fujinon XF80mmF2.8 Macro

It’s not the first time, that we hear “complaints” about the XF80mmF2.8 Macro being too sharp for portraits. We reported about it already here.

Now also ZedProMedia shares the same opinion. I know, some say it’s better have an ultra-sharp lens, and eventually soften the image in post production. But another aspect that makes the lens not ideal for portraits, is that the bokeh tends to be swirly and have a cat eye form wide open at F2.8, which resembles the character of some old vintage lenses.

Here are a few considerations ZedProMedia made (full video at ZedProMedia Youtube):

  • Sharpest lens I have ever used in my entire life
  • Too sharp for portraits
  • Swirly, cat eye looking bokeh at F2.8
  • At 2.8 tons of vignetting, fixable in post. Less vignetting stopped down. No vignetting at F6.4
  • Insanely sharp in corners, also at F2.8
  • Fast AF, but not as fast as XF50-140
  • At close ups not super-accurate AF. Manual focus better
  • Probably the nicest Macro lens I have ever used

Shooting flowers with the XF80mm Macro at dcfever (translation)

Fujinon XF 80mmF2.8 Macro: BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUSFocusCamera