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Fujikina 2019 LIVE STREAM Starts Now – Fujifilm GFX 100 and More


Fujikina 2019 Live Stream

GFX100 LIVE BLOG HERE – Reviews and Samples

The press event for the Fujifilm GFX100 just started and you can follow it in the live stream video above.

The official announcement with hands-on reviews and samples is scheduled for 02:00 AM New York time (when the press conference ends). FujiRumors will cover the reviews in a dedicated live blog.

Fujifilm GFX100

Event Highlights (continuously updated):

  • Fuji CEO goes over recent photo history
  • industry is switching from DSLR to Mirrorless
  • Fujifilm 14% growth per year in the last 2 years
  • memory color we remember is much more vivid than what it is in natural world
  • X-series offers best balance between size and image quality
  • GFX offers best image quality
  • other companies compete all in FF, but Fujifilm not, they design their system freely based on what’s best for customers
  • is 100 megapixel is overkill?
  • Fujifilm does not develop techonology just for the sake of techonology. Fujifilm wants to capture the essence of photography
  • mission of photography is to preserve moments for future
  • they show a GFX 100 timelapse
  • watch it: it’s a poetic press event
  • GFX100 born to presevere the future
  • 3 key things you need in camera: image quality, mobility and durabiliy
  • GFX sensor is 70% larger and 12mm longer in diameter than FF
  • GFX100 shoots 4K movie
  • GFX100 will be called “large format” instead of “medium format” from now on
  • world’s first BSI MF sensor
  • copper wiring for faster transfer speed
  • they show impressive crops
  • ISO 102,400 has still acceptable noise
  • super wide dynamic range – 14 stops
  • 16bit output
  • will open new horizon for 4K cinema
  • they show 8K capable cinema lenses
  • GFX100 destroys perception of medium format being slow
  • 1 GB/s reading speed
  • AF speed 0.05s
  • -2 EV af sensibility
  • 5.76 m/dots EVF , magnification 0.86x
  • 86fps refresh rate
  • IBIS up to 5.5 stops
  • MF sensor is heavy, hence developing IBIS is challenge
  • they demostrate how good IBIS works on GFX 100
  • they let the GFX100 fly with drone and get sharp results
  • GFX100 climed the mount Everst to demostrate weather sealing
  • drive mode dial on top
  • 800 images with 2 batteries
  • $9,999 (excl. Tax)
  • shipping end of June


GFX 100 LIVE BLOG HERE – Reviews and Samples

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