Fujifilm X70 – IMAGES + SPECS LEAKED! :: UPDATE: Fuji X70 Vs. Ricoh GR Vs. X100T Size Comparison!


X70 vs X100T Size


SIZE COMPARISON: Ricoh GR  Vs. X100T Vs. X70

The prophecy is real!

Already 2 years ago our sources told us that Fuji is considering to make a camera called Fuji X70, EVF-less and with fixed lens.

In the last weeks our sources told us that it will have a 18.5mmF2.8 lens, a touch & flip screen, 16MP X-Trans sensor and EXRII processor + optional viewfinder. All this is now confirmed by our rumor friend over at digicame-info.

He also leaked the First Images of the Fujifilm X70, which will be unveiled on January 15 (January 14 – 11:30PM NY-Time), along with the X-Pro2, X-E2s, XF100-400 and the X-E2 Firmware.

LIVE BLOGGING on FUJIRUMORS on January 14 at 11:30PM NY-time / January 15 at 05:30AM Berlin Time

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– 16MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor
– Image processing engine EXR Processor II
– AF 0.1 seconds. The image plane phase difference AF
– Shutter lag is 0.01 seconds. Shooting interval of 0.5 seconds. Start-up time of 0.5 seconds
– Customizable control ring
– LCD monitor three inches 1.04 million dots. 180 Opening tilting
– For the first time adopted a touch panel in the X series. Focus area selection, touch shot function
– The lens of the newly developed 18.5mm F2.8 (equivalent 28mm)
– Digital tele-converter (35mm and 50mm)
– Auto mode switch
– Digital split image. Focus peaking
– Wi-Fi built-in. Remote control shooting
– Continuous shooting 8 frames / sec in the AF tracking
– Silent electronic shutter. Top speed is 1/32000 seconds
– Film simulation mode (including classic chrome)
– Multi-exposure function
– Eight of the advanced filter
– Interval Timer
– Video Full HD 60fps
– Body color is black and silver

  • popeyoni

    I was hoping they were making a cheaper X100 by leaving out the hybrid viewfinder in favor of a cheaper EVF. But with no EVF at all I am no longer interested.

    • Adam Spencer

      +1, that’s what I was hoping for, other then for video (where it’s very useful if it tilts or articulates XPro2 fail), then I don’t or can’t use a rear screen for stills.

  • R Leung

    No EVF kind of kills it…IMHO…maybe the X70s will have an EVF…

  • curator

    should have put a VF…

  • Fly Moon

    Fuji is really milking this sensor, don’t they?

    • curator

      yep, even they could have used a 24MP sensor just for marketing. But okay, some say 16MP enough I have no problem with that – but why no VF? Kinda lame if they just want to sell an optional VF later.

      • MV

        “Used the 24MP ‘just for marketing’”? Why the hell would Fuji cannibalise sales of their long-awaited new flagship model by stuffing lower models with the same USPs? That would be terrible marketing.

        • curator

          Because Sony already put that old 24MP sensor on the aging A5100? That camera is cheap right now…

      • Tomáš Tuček

        No VF? Then buy the X100T, Fuji has something for everyone.

  • Hector

    Humm, it better cost pretty cheap

  • howitzerr

    That looks surprisingly fun to shoot
    OSPDAF on that tiny thing also

  • This is all going to come down to price. Price it inexpensively, and it’ll be a great camera to pop in a pocket for a quick take anywhere cam. They can’t charge too much or it’ll be dead in the water. Needs to be in the $500 or below range.

    • Didiergm

      You’re right but I don’t think it will happen- What was the X30 price at launch ?

    • irandroid

      Exactly what happened when the GR II was announced, $799, everyone cried foul and a week later they dropped the price to $699 still during preorder period, now it sells for $569. The only way I would even consider this camera is if it’s max $650

  • Curiojo

    If the LCD can be turned off then an optical VF on the hot shoe along with the electronic shutter and the possibility to zone-focusing becomes it the probably stealthiest and portable/pocketable Fuji camera ever for candids and streetphotography, though the specs doesn’t show the fastest AF.

    Moreover, the touch and tilting display along with the 28mm FOV makes it appealing for landscapes when long hiking and to be light as possible is desirable.

    Finally, the 180 degrees tilting [I guess] and WiFi control are handful features for selfies.

    Maybe as a carry around camera, I’ll keep an eye on it.

    • Guillaume L

      In my experience, external viewfinders look more conspicuous in the street than built-in ones. I had an Olympus one that you could tilt, which might be a little more discreet since you can look down at the viewfinder and not straight at your subjects, but I found out people still tend to notice it more.

  • Lachlan Labere

    What is “image plane phase difference AF?”

    • Phil

      Phase Detection AF on the image plane (as opposed to a separate AF sensor which requires calibration with the image sensor).

      • Lachlan Labere

        Ah, thank you for that. I’ve never read the term image plane phase difference before. Cheers.

    • Dominic Schulz

      A bad machine translation for on sensor Phase detection AF ;)

  • Matthieu

    A bit late to the party: the Ricoh GR (which has released its second version) and the Nikon Coolpix A have beaten it by a couple of years. It looks fine, but it doesn’t look as pocketable as the Ricoh GR, which would be my main interest in such a camera (I’m a pretty happy X-100, X-Pro1 user).

    • 7ape

      For the hipster ‘creative’ set it will be very popular I guess. Although the GR is a fantastic camera, I once swapped English lessons for photography lessons with an established photographer in Prague and he had no idea what a ricoh was. He was excited about the x100 though…

  • Mikhail Alexeev

    It’s a shame no EVF there.

    • Ryan

      It’s has a wide enough angle to not really need one. IMO

    • Didiergm

      Optional it seems, for those rare occasion when one is needed as Ryan said

  • Ryan

    So they made a Ricoh GRII….congrats I guess. Nothing wrong with the ricoh….they couldn’t have made one with a 45mm equivalent huh? Something….more unique? Nope…

    Even giving it a F2.4 or…2.5 or 2.6….Anything besides the same thing!!!

    • Antony

      It’s a Ricoh GRII but with a good user interface and Fuji Jpegs. Not for me (I have the X100T) but I’m sure if I was looking at a GR this would turn my head.

      • Guest

        “Shooting interval of 0.5 seconds” anyone who has used the GR would stop reading here. I sold mine and bought X100T due to the focal length (also didn’t like GR’s colour rendition and didn’t calibrate back then), and it definitely felt like going back to the film era, at least in terms of speed…

  • Didiergm

    Hope it inherits the leaf shutter & build in ND Filter from the X100 and they price it reasonnably

  • sidtw

    I don’t know. I like it and I find it stupid. Strange.

    • Didiergm

      Good replacement for both X30 & X100, a really pocketable X100 I guess price will tell

      • Ryan

        Not really a replacement for either. I really hope there is a X40 WITH A NEW DAM LENS!!!

        • Didiergm

          I agree not a real replacement but in the lineup as a pocketable X100 and the APSC IQ it is a very good alternative.
          I would miss the zoom of the X40 but I am not confident that the X40 will see the light of day. it would need a larger sensor and hence a new lens

        • pl capeli

          AGREED AN X 40 with better evf and a 1 inch sensor and a 24 90 equiv f2 to 2.8 lens and a baby x100t design and shutter dial …thats my ticket

  • KwyjiboVanDeKamp

    Sexy little street cam!!!!

  • Gee Aaa

    This means that fuji will not update the 18mm at all. Man if they should have just made this a pancake XF LENS then I am soooold.

    • sidtw

      The xf18mm is already pancakish. It’s the 23mm that should have a pancake-brother (or sister, or whatever floats your boat).

    • Tomáš Tuček

      You can be sure, that when this lens would be a separate one, it would be thicker – a major part of it is aligned closer to the sensor and hiding deep in the body, like with the X100T series.

  • g.b

    Wow, this camera is pretty small and looks great! Pity it has no integrated automatic lens hood, though.

  • looks awesome, but i’m worried about the shutter. hopefully it will not have ONLY an electronic shutter

    • Zuikocron

      since there is a shutterlag quote (0.01sec!) and it’s a compact, I’d say a leaf shutter is a given

  • Dominic Schulz

    Looks awesome but I don’t really get the point…a travel camera (meaning going to countries where the sun shines a lot and rear displays are unusable) without EVF is totally meh. An add on finder will add bulk and price…and a unstabilized f2.8 lens is not very flexible either. I see the “fuji appeal” of it but frankly one of sonys rx100 models seems a better overall deal.

    • Daryl Mesa

      I agree! I live in the south of France where we have “300 days of sun per year” as quoted by the tourist department for Montpellier and no evf/ovf is really a deal breaker…I tried with Rich gr, fuji x20 (mediocre ovf), oly pen series and all of them were let downs… Loving my xe2!!!

  • Gilboa

    A desirable looking little camera, especially in silver. Its asking price is going to be important though. There’s some very strong and established competition out there!

  • Ryan Tran

    It’s would be terribly balanced but I’m curious if the WCL-X100 and TCL-X100 for on this lense as well.

    • Didiergm

      The specs say “– Digital tele-converter (35mm and 50mm) ” so as I undertsand it, they are already “included” in the form of electronic wizardry,

      • Ryan Tran

        Oh I didn’t catch that thanks. You’re probably right. It just looks as if it’s the same filter thread so I was curious.

    • Adrian

      I don’t think so, that’s why the digital conversion is for. Agree that it would be wonderful if they did work, as it would make it considerably more flexible and appealing.

  • Scrub

    I… honestly kinda hate the look of it. It looks so consumer. So like any other random scrub camera. Maybe that’s the lack of a VF. Maybe I’m just an X100 snob… I think the top plate on the XT-10 is too thick, and this one is too thin. The X-T1 and the X100 are perfect. Anybody else?

    Aside from that, I agree with some of the other posts that it feels like it might be a bit late to the party, and it better be cheap to be successful.

    • pl capeli

      PLUS ONE

    • Guillaume L

      “It looks so consumer” – I guess that’s precisely their target.

      And I can see fanboy comments coming pretty soon about how we dare question Fuji’s entry level cash cows, the ones without which their niche high end products couldn’t even see the day…

    • ravi

      well said..

  • I’d like to see a comparision with the tiny great RicohGR: it seems its direct “opponent”.

    • Daryl Mesa

      I too would love that it would be a direct Ricoh opponent….but it’s all about a retractable lens. If the ricoh had an evf built in…even if it wasn’t the best, just for use in sunlight, it would be killer. I don’t want Ricoh to lose any sales, but I would love that Fuji offered a similar product.

  • Any indication if it is weather sealed?

  • Guillaume L

    Would consider it if it had an integrated viewfinder and faster lens. 18.5mm is sort of an odd focal length too, a bit too wide for me. I understand there’s a built-in digital teleconverter to 35 and 50mm equivalents, but this is no Leica Q – image quality will likely suffer.

    Other than that, form factor, size and touch tilt screen are good.

  • Tv

    Great concept. The sensor is good but a little dated.

  • Boris but No Johnson

    The flash ruined the otherwise sleek design…

  • Adrian

    Price? Any hint? 500 USD looks about right, anything above that is probably excessive.

    • Didiergm

      If memory serves that was the initial price of the X30, so my guess is higher than that, unfortunately; But I am willing to be pleasantly surprised ;)

  • george

    Not my cup of tee, I already have X100T. I think this is better travel camere thought,with right price this could be a hit. Old sensor but good sensor, who gives a damn about how old sensor is if price and quality match

  • Antony Goltsos

    ISO range ???

  • Pablo

    Ugly ugly..i

  • Oooh, no EVF :(

  • johnluminor

    i don’t see a mini port for an optional evf under the hotshoe: isn’t that Always needed???

    • Luzid

      it’s optical and only one single focal length. so you need no port

    • Dominic Schulz

      maybe they use contacts inside the hotshoe

    • Name

      Fixed focal lenght = viewfinder can be “optical only”. No contacts needed then, but also no AF confirm.

    • Oliver Twisted

      Yeah, no need for EVF. Just slap a 28mm optical viewfinder on the hotshoe. Ricoh makes one. It’s zero lag, always on and takes up no battery life. =)

  • Daryl Mesa

    Not a big fan of the design…almost panasonic like with the smooth body. Also does this mean Fuji will make an add on evf? Not really sure where this sits in the line-up….above the x30, below the x100 and around the xa/xm. I hope ot works for them because i hope they always make a profit that way they’ll continue !!

  • Cinq1

    Well, I guess the futur X100 will come with X-Pro 2 sensor, tilt screen from X70
    Sounds good to me.
    Excited :-)

  • Matthew Islam

    This needs to be pocketable!

  • Dan

    For those wishing for a 50mm eq lens. Have you never went to a restaurant with friends and a 50mm eq lens??? It is a disaster. You will end up only having pictures of people’s faces. Sure, if you want to go all pro “wedding photog” and step back and get all the nice shots. Go ahead, but your friends will be embarrassed.

  • Alex

    So…Coolpix A with newer body….

    • Didiergm

      And better color repro, and Xtrans II details and …

      • Alex

        …and two and a half years later. With two and a half years old sensor…Why not with the new Pro2 sensor?

        • Didiergm

          May be 2 years old sensor, but still a very good & quite current sensor IMHO

          Who would want to kill/damage the sales of a flagship product. The new sensor will be used but in newer iterations of existing bodies X-T2, X100x, X-E3 (?)

          (edited typo)

          • Alex

            We will see this “new” a6000(probably) sensor. I have X-E1, btw, I expect X-Trans 3 to blow it away, if not, I will buy T1 when the prices drops out.

        • Guillaume L

          I’m wondering if their intended target audience for this camera even knows what the X-Trans II is.

  • Adam_A

    Erm…electronic shutter…only?! Hopefully just a translation error.

  • Turlututu

    X100T is way better… HVF, built-in ND filter, leaf-shutter, 23mm fast lens… and not really bigger.

    Those are the strengths of X100 series. Remove all those features and you get a limited camera unusable in bright sun, with no advantage for strobists…

    • Tomáš Tuček

      Well, and what about this: it will be surely much cheaper that the X100T, it´s not made for strobists but for the small pocket, and it has 1/32000 for the bright sunny days. It´s so easy to see negatives in any new camera, maybe it´s even more worse, it has no interchangeable lenses, no battery grip, only 16 MPx, the sensor is stone age – you will surely find many more negatives, to satisfy the inner hate.

      • Turlututu

        Much cheaper than X100T for sure, and more expensive than X100.
        Built-in ND filter > Electronic shutter (especially when X100 shutter is really quiet). What the point of ES if you can’t see anything on the screen ? And can’t shot anything moving ?

        This camera is smaller, and probably has better autofocus than X100 but I’d buy a X100 or Sony RX100 which is trully pocketable rather than this X70.

  • pl capeli

    the lack of an inbuilt evf equal a big fat fail ….im a fuji fanboy with profound disappointment syndrome ….PDS …A HUGE MISSTEP FROM FUJI

  • Abe

    Electronic shutter only or just a small detail to show it’s capability of doing 1/32000? If there’s no mechanical shutter, this is a big fail.

    Not a big fan of the design either. X-t10 not so hot, and now this.

  • ale4433

    Based on the hotshoe size, the x70 should be about 15% smaller than shown in the X100 comparison above

  • ravi

    flash is not at all required..in fact I did not like camera because of that flash.. instead a pop up evf like sony RX 100 would have been a great ..some how camera design is looking more like lumix than fuji…

    16mp with X trans is sufficient..its images will be better than ricoh[my personal favourite] because of color reproduction.. i hope size of camera is small too like ricoh..then definitely it will be a popular camera for street photographers..

    • Name

      Definitely no fan of Popup EVF’s. How much time do you lose to pop it up ? In street photography, a popup EVF is like adding 2 or 3 sec. at startup of the camera… + handling/breaking issues… – I much prefer a tilting screen then. Another question is : is there a built-in ND filter ?

    • flash could be a very useful tool for street photographers. just look at what tatsuo suzuki do with the x100t flash: https://flic.kr/p/ntZV2u

  • llockke

    still forever disappointed that my X100s did not get classic chrome

    • audio

      that is a shame. changing the meta data of the raw files to x100t is cumbersome, but possible!
      I was hoping that fuji continued with their strong customer support, but here they failed intentionally, which is bad (btw. i use classic chrome in 99% of my color images, it really is that great)

  • Steph

    I’d love to bring this camera with my during my cycling trips, but what about weather resistance? Hope the price will not be too high…

  • Mr

    And compared to the GR

  • Gr

    This will need leaf shutter and snap focus to remove crown from the Ricoh. Let’s see how the market reacts, I’m kind of interested myself.

  • brian

    Looks nice. Will be interesting to see if it finds an audience.

  • sidtw

    What’s this blue/green circle inside the lens doing? Looks weird to me.

  • J.R.

    So it is a GR competitor…hmmm

  • brian

    A beautiful design. Unlike ugly x-pro1/2, x-t1. It seems that the less important a camera is to Fujifilm, the cleaner and better the design. The more important it is, the more the design gets over-though and ends up looking like something designed by committee. So good job to whoever the industrial designer at Fujifilm was who worked on this one.

    • Or it could be just that Fuji cameras are not meant for you (on basis of looks)? Normal Fuji lovers usually love x-pro/x-t1/x-e1/2 designs and are not big fans of designs as these.

      • brian

        Well, I love my x100t, in both looks and handling.

        And I love the results I get from my 56mm and 14mm lenses, but haven’t been a fan of the x-t1 body I have now and x-pro1 I had before.

        And of course, looks aren’t everything, but as a visual person (photographer and designer), I have to say they are a factor.

      • brian

        By the way, is the not being a fan of this design just the smooth finish instead of the fake-leather covering most if the body? I’d agree that it could easily be given the leatherette treatment without harming the looks. It’s more the clean lines rather than ugly bumps everywhere that I’d say are giving this good looks.

  • audio

    goddammit! i was about to get a used Ricoh GR to go with my X100.
    I really hope that they don’t include the snap focus, to make my choice easier…

    • JoeFunny30

      Get the Ricoh. If I could have only one camera ever it would be the GR

      • Didiergm

        So … why don’t you ?

      • audio

        well ok then. Now, if we could only convince my wife to follow this line of thought as well… :)

  • Gr

    I’m waiting on the pen f before any purchase

    • Pappy

      The Pen F is a different beast, this is fixed lens while the Pen (if it is a Pen) is an interchangeable lens camera.

  • MikeyLNG

    This is largely pointless. Outside of the tilting screen, there is virtually nothing else this offers over the GR. The GR is smaller but has the same focal length and aperture, and the GR probably has the greatest ergonomics and customizability of any compact camera yet. You can seriously handle it entirely one handed.

    • Alex

      I take your point, especially if it doesn’t use one of the newer 24 MP sensors…

    • Agree. If they want to beat GR, they need to try better. But will wait for Announcement

  • BDB3003

    Will be selling my GR for this. GR is great, but no Fuji colours and the ergonomics suck as well (always hit the exposure compensation buttons by accident)

    • Oliver Twisted

      I have to admit I keep hitting that damn exposure comp on the Ricoh. More critical to me though is how easily it will be to set zone focus on this camera. That’s Ricoh’s saving grace as I put up with its misplaced exposure lever, RAW files that require a lot of work, and the lack of minimum shutter speed options for auto-ISO.

  • BasharAR

    Fuji needs to make a potato fryer with that 16mp sensor

    • Bremer

      If it has classic chrome i will buy the silver vision…. :-)

  • I was hoping for it to have a lens with a self-closing cap like the GR or Sony RX100. The biggest obstacle to carrying an X100 in your pocket is the extra size added by the threaded filter ring, filter, and lens cap. This is pretty much a requirement since the stock friction-fit cap falls off so easily. The length and width of the X100 are no problem, it’s the depth of the lens with 1cm of filter and cap added that is the problem.

    This looks like it will have exactly the same problem – and will probably be sold with the same loose-fitting cap as the X100.

    • Name

      I’m afraid a self-closing cap is only possible if the lens has to be deployed. Maybe this one doesn’t.

  • Gritty Monkey

    Looks like a very niche product to me. I’d be curious to know how many they hope to sell.

  • Oliver Twisted

    This camera will need some way to easily zone focus to even be able to compete with the Ricoh GR. That’s the whole beauty of the Ricoh when it comes to street photography. It’s already at a disadvantage to the Ricoh in terms of pocketablity due to the non-collapsing lens.

    If manual focusing on this is as clumsy as the X100, then this camera is pointless.

    • JoeFunny30

      Agreed plus the hipster/classic controls don’t help against the Ricoh. You can shoot the GR fully manual with one hand. The Fuji controls get knocked and changed constantly. Also, the Ricoh lens is crazy sharp wide open and I’m not as hopeful for that and AF with the Fuji. Lastly, I doubt they’ll beat the Ricoh price.

  • Marcello Zini

    Hi, if this doesn’t have a leaf shutter, could it flash sync faster than mechanical limitations? My old Sony compact could sync the flash up to about 1/1500s

  • ravi

    now since post is updated and comparision of ricoh vs fuji is there in pictures..
    looks like ricoh is going to win.. fuji’s size is bigger,,I dont see fuji will have AF speed of Ricoh..even price is going to be higher…

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