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Why the Fujifilm X100F is the Best Camera in the World… For Me


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Guest post by Nat Brice –

The best camera I have used, ever, hands down, is the Fujifilm X100F… in black.

This is quite the statement considering that there are arguably technically “better” cameras on the market with better dynamic range, faster AF, sharper sensors etc, but for me, this is the best camera in the world … for me.

Let me explain…

I started with a Sony compact camera that had a phone attached to it. I got tired of that then went through the Nikon D90, D300s and D700. After selling a ton (almost literally) of Nikon gear, I sold up and went to a Sony RX1 and A7.

This was a revelation for me as the size made it really easy to carry on holiday and the full frame sensor was great… except it was really slow, and moving the focus point was slow and annoyingly complicated… something which I was prepared to compromise on as the size and weight and images were all that I cared about.

Then the X100F came out. I was sold!

Even though the X100 series has been out for a while, it never stood out to me because I was stuck firmly in the Full Frame vs APSC sensor debate (ridiculous argument in hindsight).

The X100F was smaller, lighter but has a solid feel to it, and the images from Fuji photographers that I saw online evoked an emotional response in me not present with other images from other cameras. I was in love. I had found my “Eleanor”. So I jumped in with both feet in the lovely Fujifilm waters, splashed about, did a few bombs and bought one!


Does a “better” camera take “better” photos?! Isn’t it the skill of the photographer that makes the images?! And isn’t the glass you put on it make the difference?! Well, in short, yes and no.

A professional photographer with lesser equipment can arguably take much better photos than an amateur with better gear, but I’m not talking about that. What I’m talking about is that the Fujifilm X100F makes me a better photographer. It’s not about megapixels, dynamic range, clarity or price, it’s ALL about the connection. How it feels emotionally, physically and, umm, emotionally.

No other camera I’ve used in the past, has inspired me more than the X100F!

It’s limitation of a fixed lens (and the optional wide and teleconverters) is not a problem for me because that’s how I envisage my photos (Having said that, I would prefer the wide converter to go to 24mm equivalent instead of 28mm… please Fuji?!).

The way this camera feels in my hand and how my mind and body reacts to it, I believe, makes me a better photographer. My enthusiasm for photography has tripled and in turn makes me more inspired. Being more inspired makes me think differently about my shots which produces images that are far superior to what I have produced in the past on other cameras.

This all ends up creating an amazing headspace in which I’m not only enjoying, but loving my photography again. And this is all due to the camera. When I first started out I didn’t even have this feeling. You can talk about your megapixels, full frame-ness vs APSC-ness and new sensor technology till the cows come home. It doesn’t make a difference to me. I don’t care.

Reflecting on my initial statement, it’s not because the Fujifilm X100F is brand new to me and I’ve only just entered the Fuji world and I’m in a honeymoon stage. No, no. This is, by far, the best camera… for me. And I know that if you own a Fujifilm camera, you will understand.

Happy shooting!

Nat Brice –

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