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Fujifilm X-T4 ePhotozine Review: Impressive Camera, the Complete Package!


ePhotozine has published its full Fujifilm X-T4 review. Their conclusions:

The camera’s 26mp BSI CMOS sensor and image processing is known to produce excellent image quality, and continue to do so, with exceptional colour reproduction and dynamic range. For those looking to upgrade from an earlier X-T1, or X-T2 camera, the X-T4 offers a compelling set of features, and if you’ve ever been frustrated with battery life from your camera, then the X-T4 offers a great option for you.

The X-T4, with high-speed continuous shooting (up to 30fps), is up there with the quickest, with only the E-M1 II / III and G9 offering quicker continuous shooting (at 60fps), and in terms of video, it’s only the G9 that also offers 4K 60fps video. The switch between stills and video is a great idea, and will benefit video and stills photographers greatly.

The camera is well suited to a wide variety of photography, with good noise performance and IBIS making it better in low-light situations, great colour reproduction making it suited to portraits and other photography, and high-speed shooting further expands the camera’s appeal in particular for wildlife or sports photography.

For anyone wanting the best the X-Series has to offer, the X-T4 is it, with a great 26mp sensor, great colour reproduction, and high-quality video recording, the X-T4 has it all, including high-speed autofocus and continuous shooting. Add in-body image stabilisation, along with improved battery life, and you have the complete package.


  • 5-axis In-body image stabilisation
  • New battery gives extended battery life
  • Excellent noise performance
  • Excellent colour reproduction and options
  • Improved video recording options
  • High-speed continuous shooting


  • Increased size
  • Headphone jack via USB C

Read the full review at ephotozine here.

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