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Fujifilm X-T2 will NOT have Pentax K1 alike flex Tilt Screen! – Trusted Japanese Source


pentax K1

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When here on FujiRumors we first leaked the images of the X-T2 (back in April 15), we all could see that the tilt screen is definitely different compared to the one of the X-T1

My very personal guess was, that it could have a mechanism like the one we can find in the [shoplink 45357 ebay]Pentax K1[/shoplink].

But I was wrong!

The trusted Japanese source noticed my wrong guess and invited me to correct it: as the image shows, the X-T2 will indeed have a different tilt mechanism over the X-T1, but it’s not like the one of the Pentax K1.

That’s it for now… stay tuned for more
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