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Fujifilm X-Lab X-T5 Edition – Making the Fujifilm X-T5


Fujifilm managers and engineers sat down together to give us insights on the Fujifilm X-T5 development.

Nothing revolutionary is said, but I grab the occasion to make a recommendation to Fujifilm: please give us an English translated version of your X lab episodes, as using the automatic live google translation is a real pain.

It should not break your bank to do that, dear Fujifilm.

Part 1

  • X-T5 features the latest specs, but the concept is to return to its origins
  • 5th generation processor is more power saving (20% more battery life than X-T4)
  • in terms of IBIS, Fuji has optimized the placement of the magnetic circuit in the X-S10, allowing to create a fairly small IBIS unit. X-T5 uses the smaller X-S10 IBIS unit and now it has up to 7 stops stabilization
  • The IBIS unit on the X-T5 is 16% in volume and 14% in weight compared to the IBIS unit of X-T4
  • for hybrid video and still, Fujifilm would like you to use the X-H line of cameras
  • on the X-T1, you got 700 shots if you attached the vertical battery grip to it and hence used 3 batteries. Now the X-T5 can get 700 shots using just the battery in the camera body
  • there is a hand grip for the Fujifilm X-T5 (MHG-XT5)
  • due to more and more bigger XF lenses being made and the feedback of users, the grip size of the X-T line grew over time
  • X-T5 has a grip with simple geometric surface
  • X-T5 grip is now a bit easier to hold than X-T4 grip
  • shutter button moved a bit in front (by 2.9 mm) so it’s not too cramped on the top right of the camera and it helps to have the shutter button moved a bit forward when shooting with larger lenses

Part 2

  • centered LCD when tilting is a usability advantage over X-T4
  • all the people involved in the discussion appreciate the return of the 3 way tilt screen
  • they talk about the MHG-XT5 Metal Hand Grip
  • they talk about the new black painting (which we covered already here)

I will attach also the episode where they talk about the 5 lenses released last year:

Fujifilm X-T5

Fujifilm X-T5 – EUROPE & World