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Fujifilm X-H2S Snaps Gold Award at DPReview


The Fujifilm X-H2S snapped the Gold Award at DPReview. Here are their Pros and Cons from their X-H2S review

What we like

  • Excellent image quality with broad selection of JPEG processing modes
  • Comfortable hand-grip and well-positioned, customizable controls
  • Up to 40fps shooting with usefully deep buffer
  • Improved AF system can be tuned to give a very high hit-rate
  • Impressively detailed video with minimal rolling shutter
  • Wide choice of video resolutions, framerates and codecs
  • F-Log2 mode can give wider dynamic range (up to 30p)
  • Good battery life
  • Can record for long periods without overheating
  • Optional fan adds dependability for video shoots without adding cost or bulk for photographers
  • Command dial interface works well for both stills and video
  • Boost IS mode gives nice video results when you don’t have a tripod

What we don’t

  • Continuous AF can struggle at camera’s fastest frame rate
  • Subject recognition modes work less well if subject isn’t at expected angle to camera
  • No generic tracking mode in video
  • AF system needs a fair degree of fine-tuning
  • Custom settings banks don’t let you control which parameters are saved
  • Video IS can fight against intentional movements, reducing smoothness
  • Command dial interface won’t be to everyone’s taste

You can read the full review at dpreview here.

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