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Fujifilm X-H1: Best New Video Features, Pros and Cons… and Unveiling the Secret about the 30 Minutes Video Record Limit :)


Seth K. Hughes Youtube – Best New Video Features

Why 30 Minutes Video Record Limit?

Some of you wonder why the Fujifilm X-H1 has a 30 minutes video record limit. Where does this limit come from?

The answer is….

…. Legislation!

In 2007, the European Union decided to make European importers pay different import taxes on still digital cameras and camcorders, with the latter one having a higher import tax. Of course higher taxes translate into a higher price for customers.

The workaround for companies is to set the video record limit to 30 minutes, so that the device will be classified as “still camera”, and there are lower taxes to pay. Reuters wrote 11 years ago here:

The EU trade experts decided last Friday that to be classified as a digital camera, equipment must not be able to record at least 30 minutes of a single sequence of video […].”

So no, there is absolutely no “overheating” issue behind the 30 minutes limit, as Palle Schultz also told us in our fantastic X-H facebook group here. Do you want longer record time? Then the Fujifilm X-H1 will get more expensive.

Now you can stop to struggle and puzzle… always happy to help ;)

We have written a more in depth article about this here, and we also tell you when this nonsense regualtion will end.

Fujifilm X-H1 Review

Full Review of the Fujifilm X-H1 at photographyblog. The X-H1 is “highly recommended“. From the conclusions:

You’d probably think that adding an effective optical image stabilisation system, better AF system, more advanced video, tougher build quality, a higher-resolution EVF, welcome touchscreen functionality, a top plate LCD panel and Bluetooth connectivity would be more than enough to make the X-H1 the de facto choice amongst Fujifilm fans, and mostly I’d agree.

But there’s a small part of me that recognises that it’s also the biggest, heaviest and most expensive X-series camera to date, it suffers from the need to have the VPB-XH1 vertical battery grip fitted to take full advantage of the video capabilities, and the removal of the dedicated exposure compensation dial is at best mildly irritating.

So what Fujifilm have mostly added, they’ve perhaps also taken a little away, with the addition of IBIS, bigger handgrip and top LCD screen making the X-H1 the largest X-series APS-C camera to date. Whether size matters or not does very much depend on your viewpoint – we’ve seen some people expressing both disdain at the increased size of the X-H1, and some expressing delight.

Perhaps more worrying than the growth in size of the X-H1 is the growth in the price-tag – £1699 / $1899 body-only or £1949 / $2199 with the near-essential VPB-XH1 vertical battery grip puts it almost on a par with the fashionable new elephant in the room, the very recently announced 35mm full-frame Sony A7 III.

Fujifilm X-H1 Owners Feedback

It feels like that whoever owns the Fujifilm X-H1, is also part of our fantastic X-H1 facebook group. It’s impossible to sum it all up here on FujiRumors, so I’ll pick one feedback for you. If you are interested, feel free to join… you will see LOTS of stills and video samples, too :)

John R.

Made this super short vid testing out the IBIS AND 120p SLO MO (it’s fantastic) and Eterna film simulation. And here’s some random thoughts on Day 1 of shooting.

+ Eterna is incredible. Easy to get good results quickly in post.
+ IBIS is great but it’s not a gimbal that floats on clouds. Secure the camera and it’s incredible.
+ I’m shooting the video at high isos and for me the Fuji’s grain always at character.
+ Video does have a slight microjitters if you don’t dial in your settings. (Be interesting in seeing how Full Auto for video fares.
+ AF and shooting speed is snappier.
+ That shutter button, very responsive, very quiet,
+ Displays are brighter / clearer and it shows.
+ LED Display was a good choice. The EV is easy enough to find though I shoot on full manual.
+ A lot of new options inside the menus which are much needed.

– Size/weight: you can tell the difference from an X-T2. (Add on a 50-140 and you have something similar to a Canon 7DmII AKA.)
– Add on a boost, and this isn’t a small camera.
-The dials seem cheaper.
– Eterna isn’t a great photo film sim.
– Eye piece protrudes out, sometimes getting in the way of the display depending on the angle.
– The touch screen has a learning curve. Will take a minute to get it to be second nature


I would describe the X-H1 this way… the X-T2 was a workhorse and a piece of art. The X-H1 is more a tool than a design element. But the thing is the X-H1 is an improvement. Many of the nagging issues of the XT2 are fixed but the cost is a bit more weight and the design.

If you need video and shoot photos, this camera is a no brainer if you invested in Fuji gear.

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