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Fujifilm X-A2 is coming too… with second generation of XC lenses (OIS II)!


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You know I keep saying that there will be two X-series cameras soon, a fixed lens one and a MILC.

The fixed lens one will the the XQ2.

… and the Fujifilm X-A2 is coming too. The information has just now been leaked by digicame-info, who also says that there will be an upgrade to the XC 16-50 and XC 50-230 (OIS II).

So what about the cheaper X-T1?

Here is a clarification I need to make, please read carefully.

While I was working to find out which camera the mysterious entry level MILC would be, I’ve received the rumor about the cheaper X-T1. And, although the source said it will come “this year”, I thought that this is finally the camera we were looking for, and I suggested that it could come early 2015.

But I have to be 100% unequivocal when I quote sources, and in fact the “cheaper X-T1” source never said it will come “early 2015” but just “this year”. Now the quote of the source is 100% clear!

So the state of the rumors is:


  • XQ2

  • X-A2

THIS YEAR (2015)

  • Cheaper X-T1

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