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Fujifilm to Use Blockchain to Optimize Supply Network of Digital Camera Parts


Fujifilm will use Blockchain to optimize supply network for digital camera parts. As reported by the Japanese site Newswitch here (google translated):

As risks such as natural disasters and international situations increase, we minimize procurement concerns and prevent situations such as tightening supply and demand (spurping) of parts just before delivery. Take advantage of the characteristics of the blockchain, which is difficult to illegally rewrite data, to ensure the reliability of transaction information. We will manage the plans and history related to production and distribution in real time to reduce the occurrence of inventory shortages and excess inventory due to delays in information sharing, which is an issue.

The ordering side will be informed of the arrangement schedule in advance, and the order side will be able to share the production situation, and even if unexpected situations occur, they can report it via chat immediately.

It also supports transaction automation. In the demonstration experiment, the period from ordering to the start of production was shortened. Because it is difficult to tamper with the data, there is no need to introduce dedicated software tailored to the ordering company or license it, which reduces the burden on business partners.

We developed a “digital trust platform” in-house by applying the research results of blockchain technology conducted at Fujifilm’s Informatics Research Institute (Kaisei Town, Kanagawa Prefecture). After full-scale operation, we will consider expanding the target product.

Every ever so creative idea to handle the supply issues better is very welcome. Let’s see how this one works out.

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