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Fujifilm Manager: “Next Generation APS-C Sensor Will Still be X-Trans. Mirrorless Will Maybe Beat DSLR’s In Every Aspect With Next Processor / Sensor Generation”


DPreview interviewed well-known Fujifilm Managers Toshihisa Iida, Makoto Oishi and Shinichiro Udono.

The focus of the interview is on the GFX, but they also talk about the APS-C line, the MK Cine Lenses, and the new X100F.

And one thing we can say for sure now: there will be an X-Trans IV sensor in the next generation APS-C cameras.

  • Future GF Lens requests from photographer: telephoto lenses, in the 200-300mm range. Wide-angle, like a 15mm equivalent, and an equivalent to the 70-200mm on full-frame.
  • In order to beat DSLR’s, Mirrorless has to improve speed and viewfinder blackout. “Maybe one more processor and sensor generation should be enough to make mirrorless beat DSLRs in every respect”.
  • With the new MK cine lenses “we’re looking at a new kind of video customer, who’s getting into the market via mirrorless. Mostly they’re using SLR lenses, which aren’t perfect. So a lot of those customers are looking for more affordable cinema lenses.”
  • X100F same lens of X100/S/T: We looked into whether we should change it, but it would have affected the size of the camera, and we concluded that the form-factor is one of the most important selling-points of the X100 series.
  • Q: Will X-Trans continue in the next generation of APS-C sensors? A: For APS-C, definitely. For the GFX format, we’ll probably continue with the conventional bayer pattern. If you try to put X-Trans into medium format, the processing gets complicated, and the benefit isn’t very big. X-Trans is a 6×6 filter arrangement, not 4×4, it’s something like a 20-30% increase in processing requirement.

Full interview at dpreview

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