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DPreview: “The GFX is Potentially Groundbreaking” :: Fuji Manager Talks about GFX, X100 FULL FRAME, X-T2 Firmware & More




DPreview shared it’s first GFX samples taken with a production model and they write: CP+ 2017:

You want a Fujifilm GFX 50S (and we have the shots to prove it). Take a look at some of the first images from this potentially groundbreaking new system.

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ThaiDphoto interviewed Fujifilm Top Manager Makoto Oishi. It’s 50 minutes long, with lots of time lost for translation from Thai to English. But here are the main points:

  • Why Fuji switched Full Frame? They didn’t want to cannibalize APS-C. They investigated also Full Frame, but at the end went Medium Format for the ultimate image quality
  • 4:3 aspect sensor is good for multi-aspect choosing by user.
  • the most difficult part of development was keeping the GFX size small and lightweight
  • Bigger sensor usually leads to more chromatic aberration. But Fujifilm should be able to keep the same level of chromatic aberration of their APS-C cameras.
  • If Fuji would chose leaf shutter (update: meaning the GFX would have no focal plane shutter at all), then the GFX would be limited to leaf shutter lenses. But with focal plane shutter, GFX can support all kind of lenses, from old manual focus lenses to leaf shutter lenses. And leaf shutter can not go very high speed, like the focal plane shutter. The manager considers this last one the biggest advantage.
  • X100 Full Frame? No plans for now says the manager “but maybe in the futurecustomer demand or market demand… I don’t know” (min. 32:12)
  • Q: Do you plan to update X-T2 Firmware with new function that are in the GFX? A: I can’t say now, but we always plan updates in X-T2 and X-Pro2.
  • A radio flash system in the future? “hm.. yeah, we need, we know the request”

Full interview here