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Fujifilm Manager: “We Investigate the Next Film Simulation :: Fujifilm Close to 20% Mirrorless Market Share :: More Video-Capable Camera”


This time it’s imaging-resource, who had a talk with a couple of Fujifilm Managers. Here some excerpts:

  • Current GF best sellers: the 63mm and the 32-64mm, with the demand for the zoom being “a bit higher than expected
  • Future GF lenses requests: a telephoto prime around 200mm focal length. A wide zoom, like a 15mm, a more ultra-super-wide zoom. A 70-200mm
  • Fuji thinks GFX owners are 50/50 split between professionals and high-end amateurs
  • Film Simulation: “Some want maybe AGFA or Kodak […] So now we are investigating what’s next.”
  • Mirrorless Market share of Fujifilm is close to 20% now [NOTE: it was 14%-15% last year. X-T2 and X-Pro2 raised the bar further]
  • 4K on X-Pro2: “Basically, we cannot upgrade the X-Pro2 because it’s a difference of hardware.” [NOTE: this does not fit with what Fuji Guy Billy said here]
  • We got a lot of requests from videographers that Fuji shooters should have more video-capable functionalities of the cameras…”
  • The biggest market for the X100 line is the USA.
  • Besides Instax, which is perceived as a new technology amongst young people, also the use of disposable cameras is increasing, because for “young customers […] it is kind of fun because they cannot see the result.”
  • Capture One will not support the GFX?: “We have a solution with Adobe Lightroom raw conversion. We also have our Fujifilm original Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO with Lightroom, which we just released from November with the X-T2 and of course the GFX. Its functionality is quite good.”

Read the full interview at imaging-resource

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