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Fujifilm GFX Vs. Canon 1DX Size & Price :: Cambo Launches Actus-GFX :: Tip on How To Boost the Autofocus on GFX :: & More


Fujfilm GFX Roundup

Fujifilm GFX 50s: USA BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS EU: AmazonDE, CalumetDE AmazonUK, WexUK, ParkCamerasUK, PCHstore AUS: CameraPro

Fujifilm GFX AF Speed Boost Tip

If the question is: “Patrick, how the hell were you able to tell us about the GFX Owner’s manual just a few seconds after it was online“, then the answer is very simple: in these days I just put my alarm clock at every full hour in the night, woke up every single time, and checked the Fujifilm page… easy ;-). Now you know why I appreciate anybody, who supports this blog: you guys cover my terrific need for coffee ;) .

I still had no time to read the manual, but some guys at the Fujifilm GFX facebook group did already. It’s worth to give it a read, since you will find some useful information, like the one spotted by GFX Facebook member Marcello Rostagni (Marcello’s website – awesome work!!!). You can boost the AF-seepd on your Fujifilm GFX by setting the RAPID AF to ON. This setting will lower the display quality and free some processing power for the Autofocus system.

I’m not sure, but I think Rapid AF can be combined with the High-performance mode and the Pre-AF. I mean, the GFX AF reports we have read so far say are already very postive… now I’m very curious to see how much the AF can be improved further with all these settings enabled.

Cambo Actus-GFX

Cambo just announced the Actus-GFX (X-mount version price & specs here)! Check out Cambo’s facebook post here. Here is what GFX facebook group members think about the Actus-GFX:

  • Michael G. here: “this baby, this combination….. is the reason why i donĀ“t invest in the inflexible Hasselbad X1D
  • Gerhard W. here: “With this the GFX system is a really great investment! No problem convincing my accountant ;-). Now my [shoplink 54595 ebay]Fuji GX680[/shoplink] can retire
  • David M. here: “I am in love. I spent years at college playing with 5×4 plate cameras. This would be amazing in the studio! Just think what you could do moving the plain of focus aka Scheimpflug

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