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Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome Reviews: “It’s fun, but it Has Green/Yellow Color Tint.”


Fujifilm Instax Monochrome Review

Fujifilm’s new Monochrome film just hit the market and it’s the Nr.1 best selling Film on AmazonUS.

And if you are considering to buy it, then you might check out the first reviews on the web. Amazon Customer MiRSD said here:

While the film is Black and White.. I found it to not be true black and white. It has tints of other colors in it (most noticeable, a greenish tint). This sometimes happens when you have a contrast with the black and white but I do wonder if this is true Black and White film or if fuji simply re-worked the color film (as has been hinted at) which is causing this. I was a bit disappointed as I did want a true black and white film without any other color tints.

This is confirmed also by Photography Concentrate with Lauren & Rob on their youtube channel here:

When you are photographing scenes with strong yellow and green tones, you actually can see a bit of that yellow/green coming through

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