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Fujifilm GFX100S/GF80mm Afterparty: Excellent IBIS and 3 Things You Might have Missed


Oh boy, we had an epic GFX100S, X-E4 and Lens live blog yesterday. Make sure to go back and check it out.

Today we add two more to the bunch: the Fujifilm USA introducing the GFX100S. They explain lots of stuff we already know, but they also say some things that might have passed unnotice, like that Nostalgic Negative is inspired by the American New Color Photography.

DPReview shares 3 things we might have missed about the GFX100S. One of the things we might have missed, is that the GFX100S has really great IBIS, that makes it easy to take handheld images that take advantage of all 102 megapixels.

We add to the bunch the Fujifilm Nordic afterparty with Jonas Rask, Palle Schultz and more (make sure not to miss the last part of the video… it’s the most fun one!)

Enjoy it below.