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Fujifilm GFX: 4 Small Sensors stiched into One? :: One Image Instead of Stiching 2 (in Photoshop)!


Is Sony stiching 4 separate sensor panels into 1 big MF 44×33 MF sensor? That’s what meshmag suggest. The image you see above is what you get with an 8 minutes exposure and body cap on.

No big deal… it works just great :-)

Btw, stiched or not, the “problem” (if we can speak of “problem” when we get such a terrific IQ) with this huge MF sensor is that it uses the same technology used in the 3 years old Pentax 645. The readout is not fast enough to allow 4K, ultra short black-out times etc.

Sensor readout speed is the main area of improvement needed in the GFX. So please Sony, for the second generation stich together 4 sensors with high read-out speed, and the GFX will be perfect :)

Fujifilm GFX: USA BHphoto, Adorama, AmazonUS


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