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Fujifilm Financial Results for Q3 FY2022: Imaging Division 80.8% YOY Operating Income Increase (24.4% YOY Revenue Increase)


Fujifilm has published its financial result for the 3rd quarter of the fiscal year 2022.

We remind you that the fiscal year in Japan ends on March 31. That’s why Fujifilm now launched massive lens deals to push the sales numbers before the final yearly report.

These are the results for the imaging division:

Revenue increased by 24.4% year-over-year and operating income increased by 80.8% year-over-year due to brisk sales of instant photo systems and digital cameras.

Consumer Imaging

  • Revenue increased due to favorable sales of instant photo systems, color photographic paper and dry minilabs/materials.
  • In November 2022, the smartphone printer INSTAX SQUARE Link was launched. It is rated highly in the market for its new functions: AR Print which allows users to apply an augmented reality (AR) effect to INSTAX prints, and INSTAX Connect which allows users to send /NSTAX images with chat messages.

Professional Imaging

  • In Digital Camera, revenue rose due to steady sales of new models from the X Series, which celebrated its 10th anniversary, including X-H2S released in July 2022 and X-H2 released in September 2022.
  • In November 2022, X-T5, which adheres to the original concept of the X Series, “compact, lightweight, and superior image quality,” while prioritizing photography in its design, was released.

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