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Fujifilm Financial Report Q3 says X-T10 sells Strong… but it’s Still Instax to Rule Them All!

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The latest Fujifilm Report (Q3) is online:

The overall sales in the photo imaging business increased due to the strong sales of instant photo systems centering in the United States and Europe.

Though the sales volume largely decreased due to the shift to high-end models, the sales of premium digital cameras X Series centering on FUJIFILM X-T10 were strong.

In the Imaging Solutions segment, profit significantly increased, reflecting the increase of gross profits by strong sales of the photo imaging business and other  factors, while revenue decreased due to the shift to high-end models of digital cameras and others.

Special Mention again for the Instax Cameras, in particular the latest addition, the Selfie Instax Mini 70:

In the photo imaging business, the overall  sales significantly increased due to the  strong sales of instant photo systems such as instant cameras, instant films and  others centering on Europe  and the United States. Fujifilm strengthened a lineup  of instant cameras by  release of new product  “instax mini 70” in October”

For a more detailed insight, check out the various documents at Fujifilmholdings.


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