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Fuji Guy Billy: “For Sports, X-T2 closing gap to DSLRs” :: Fuji X-T2 meets the World… and makes an Awesome Video!


X-T2 Films the World

X-photographer Daniel Malikyar traveled the world with his X-T2 and captures it in HQ. What we get is a short and beautiful video, that not only demonstrates the massively improved image quality compared to X-TransI/II cameras, but also an invitation to travel and meet the beauty out there that is waiting to be captured with our X-series cameras. Check it out on youtube.

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X-T2 Sport Photography – Fuji Guy Billy

As Fuji’s Vice President, Fuji Guy Greg does not really have much time anymore to make the Fuji Guy videos with Billy. But for the X-T2 launch, we can see them together again. Greg introduces, and Billy goes over the X-T2 features.

And Billy also makes a bold claim regarding the Fuji X-T2 Sport Photography capabilities. I quote:

Our Top Selling camera, the X-T1, really did lot of good things […] but when it came to sports the C-AF wasn’t there yet. […]

When it comes to professional sports photography, the mirrorless cameras will be the future. And we are kind of closing that gap today with the Fujifilm X-T2.

And how should the X-T2 achieve that?

  1. AF-algorithm: The X-T2 will always try to use the fast phase detection to focus. But when it can’t get focus, it quickly switches to contrast detection and as soon as possible jumps right back to phase detection. This algorithm improvement reduces the “wobbling effect “(the images coming in and out of focus when you use the continuous AF features). Moreover, when shooting birds for example, the algorithm is able to ignore the background and track the bird.
  2. AF-C custom settings: For example, you can now tell the camera to keep tracking one subject at least for 1.5 seconds before looking for another focus.
  3. EVF black out time. Especially at 5fps the black out time is that short, that you can easily track your subject and the camera can better focus between each shot.

Interesting note: Fuji Guy Billy says that they improve their cameras not only based on feedback from X-photographers, but they look also at what people say in the internet (I think he ment also you guys :) ) – but that’s not a surprise

Video here.