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Fuji X-T2 :: No Internal F-log Recording, but Firmware Update Possible! (source: Fuji Guys) :: X-T2 Buffer Test!


Fuji X-T2 F-log

 photo Fuji X-T2 F-log 2_zpsj80vtdjh.jpg

Fuji X-T2 F-log

You know it: the Fuji X-T2 shoots 4K and there’s also an ‘F-Log’ flat profile.

The less known fact (almost never mentioned in first looks): the Fuji X-T2 can’t record f-log internally, but only through HDMI. This is confirmed by the Fuji Guys in the tweet you can see above.


… there is hope for a Fuji-Kaizen udpate. When FR-reader Nerd Nomads asked the Fuji Guys if internal f-log recording can be intruduced via firmware update, they said “I’m sure it’s possible“.

Ok… the comments are open… and remember, Fuji reads us!

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