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Fuji X-T2 coming in June (SRP) – POLL – Get the Fuji X-Pro2, wait for Fuji X-T2 or keep your current X- series camera?


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We have heard it previously from a New Source, but now a Source, who was right in the past, also says that the Fujifilm X-T2 announcement is scheduled for June. But the grain of salt is needed, since Fuji can change the date, just like they postponed the X-A1 announcement a few times, in order to sell more X-M1’s (reminder: the X-M1 was launched a few months before the X-A1)

Now, I guess I’m not the only one right now, who is thinking what to do (no, definitely not the only one)… buy the X-Pro2, wait for the X-T2, or just keep my X-T1?

I’m struggling with this questions. Sure, I’m aware that there is no right or wrong answer and everything is based on personal preferences and needs. But I’ve written a very personal list of considerations, why I’m right now tempted to buy the Fujifilm X-Pro2.

I’m looking forward to read your list in the comments, and you can also vote the Poll at the bottom of this post.

So let’s start:

First off, don’t get me wrong: I love my X-T1. I love the images, the look, the controls… but from what leaked so far, there are 10 main reasons why I’m considering to sell my X-T1, get an X-Pro2 and don’t wait for the X-T2.

My main 10 reason to sell my X-T1, get an X-Pro2 and don’t wait for the X-T2

1) More Phase Detection Pixels: this is what I want more than anything else.
2) The corner placement of the Viewfinder: right eye on the viewfinder, left eye free to see the scene… and also my nose will have more space ;)
3) 24MP X-Trans III sensor: unlock the Full Potential of the amazing Fujinon lenses with the new higher resolution sensor! And probably also more dynamic range, even better high ISO performance and more.
4) Lossless RAW compression
5) ACROS: New Film Simulations… I like them… the more, the merrier.
6) The X-T2 could come only in June (so say the rumors). Shipping maybe in July. It might be too late for my holidays. Also, I can’t see it having some spectacular improvements over the X-Pro2. Ok, the tilt screen, but no magical organic sensor or whatsoever. (Note: this is my personal guess, not an “offical” rumor)
7) X-Processor: the faster, the better
8) The Hybrid Viewfinder with ERF technology
9) No more flimsy Accessory Door: I’ve written about it here. No need to add anything else. Fuji must have fixed this with the X-Pro2.
10) Improved Noise Reduction: Sounds like no more waxy Skin Tones at High ISO (in JPEG) to me. Again, all I had to say is written here. With the X-Pro2 and the improved Noise Reduction, I might keep even more JPEG’s than I already do.

Sure, the X-Pro2 also has the 1/8000 mechanical shutter, the Dual SD-card slot, the Grain Effect, Pixel Mapping and a lot more. And I’m sure many of you would put some of them in their own top 10 list. But as said, no right or wrong. Just a matter of personal preferences.

My main 3 reason to wait for X-T2

1) Price: The X-T2 will maybe be cheaper than the X-Pro2 (again, not and “official” rumor, just my very personal guess). And looking at my bank account, this is the main reason for me not to get the X-Pro2 and to wait for the X-T2 (and no, I don’t get a single cent discount from Fujifilm on my Fuji gear… and as a teacher, not even tax deduction on cameras)
2) Big EVF: I like the super-size EVF of the X-T line. But on the other hand, with the X-Pro2, I get the hybrid viewfinder, which will make me happy.
3) Tilt screen: I use the viewfinder almost all the time. But there are certain circumstances where I like the tilt screen. So I’d miss that on the X-Pro2, but it’s no deal breaker for me.

Main reason to keep the X-T1

1) The X-T1 already takes such great picture
2) Comes for free, since I already have it ;)


Decisions…. decisions… and what about you? Here is the Poll:

Do you agree with the position of Fuji about IBIS?

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