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Fuji Manager: “We are considering internal 4K F-Log recording for Fujifilm X-T2”



As you know, the Fujifilm X-T2 offers F-Log 4K recording, but only via HDMI output, and not internally. This has annoyed many X-shooters out there, who plan to purchase the X-T2 also for Video Work.

Good thing is, Fujifilm listens. So already the Fuji Guys said here, that a firmware update for internal F-Log recording is possible. Now we have another statement, this time of a Fujifilm Manager in a video interview about the X-T2 at cinema5d. Here is what he said:

As this introduction of F-Log is a first for us, we decided to go for uncompressed 4:2:2 first, which gives us the highest picture quality.

This means F-Log is provided via the HDMI output. It is compressed when recorded in-camera, and recorded at 4:2:0, so at a lower quality than uncompressed. That’s why we decided to provide F-Log only via the HDMI output.

After listening to our users’ opinions, we would like to consider internal F-Log recording.”

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