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Fringer EF/FX Smart Adapters Firmware ver. 2.0 Released


Fringer Smart Adapter

Fringer EF/FX smart adapters got new firmware again. V2.0 mainly improve in following aspects:

You may visit Fringer’s website to download the latest release notes and firmware file.

via Fringerdev


With the latest firmware, I’m lucky enough to capture some BIF towards the camera.

Sigma 100-400 and Fujifilm X-Pro2 @ 400mm/F6.3, AF-C, Continuous shooting mode

EF200/2L is a big one. It performs very well on X mount with Fringer EF-FX firmware 2.0. AF is quite fast and accurate. I guess it would not be necessary for big lens lovers to wait for the Fuji version 200/2. This one is really good!

Fringer EF-FX Pro adapter is open for pre-order now. Check my web store for it. Thanks!