FREE Fuji X-Trans Sharpening Presets for Lightroom + X100S Classic Chrome Enabler + More


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X-Trans files sharpening

thomasfitzgeraldphotography meticulously investigated over several years, how to make the best out of his X-Trans files in Lightroom. I’ve linked to his work several times here on FujiRumors. He now decided to offer all his Lighroom Sharpening presets for Free on his website. You can download the .zip file all here.

And if you use C1, read also “My Workflow and Settings for Processing Fuji Files in Capture One” at thomasfitzgeraldphotography Part 1 & Part 2 /

Classic Chrome on X100S

Will there ever be a firmware update that brings Classic Chrome to the X100S? I have a bad feeling about that. Fuji’s youngest Film Simulation is still limited to the latest camera models… but the X-shooter community is creative and is looking for solutions…

& More

Affinity Photo is now offering a 10 days Free Trial. X-Trans demosaicing has still to be improved, though. Feedback about this new version here.

X-Trans Sensor and Capture One Pro at thewanderinglensman

  • Peter

    It might work on raw files from pre X-Trans II cameras if you convert them to DNG and then use exiftool or similar to edit the model name in the EXIF. Haven’t tried it, though.

    But really, Adobe and Fuji should just get their act together and enable all profiles for all X series cameras in Lightroim. It’s just so obvious that this is an artificial restriction due to marketing considerations, not technical limitations. And that’s just the antithesis of the spirit of the firmware updates and listening to customers that Fujifilm has become known for and that is earning them trust from professionals.

    IMO this profile issue and the whole tethering software debacle are hurting the image of Fuji and the X series so much more than what their lost financial profit would be from the total of maybe five guys who buy a new camera purely because of a film simulation mode.

    • vzzdor

      I have tried it and it does work (i.e. RAW-DNG-exiftool-LR (camera calibration – classic chrome path. Tested with original X100, Nex-6 and older nikon d40 raws I had stored on hdd). I have no X100T/S to directly compare the LR output with jpegs, but the result does look quite similar to what you see on the web. The nice thing is that one can automate the entire process by using Adobe DNG converter which has command-line mode + command-line version of exiftool. Did this under OS X, so now I can apply CC to any camera on import via an applescript. The downside is obviously that you loose all other automatic camera-specific corrections like lens profiles if you do it to NEX or anything (can still apply those manually).

  • gawoof

    Is there any way to get these to work in Camera Raw?

    • Jano

      Do you mean the sharpening presets? No, not possible.

      If you mean Classic Chrome. Yes, user AceFibble has hacked his X100S to include CC but obviously there’s a risk involved that it could brick your camera with the next FW upgrade or other things.

  • [He now decided to offer all his Lighroom Sharpening presets for Free on his website.]
    Were they ever payed than? I use his profiles for a long time and they always were free as far as I know.

  • Adomas

    I dont get it. Whats the point of sharpening if lightroom cant process the files properly?

    • Chris

      I guess those pros who do this for living just stick to a familiar tool and try to make it the fastest and easiest to process their work. And, as it had been repeated for many times, such little differences between different software probably won’t show up in prints, which is what they sell.

      How to differentiate those professionals and who does photography for a living?

      • ChatNoir

        True. Being a dedicated Apple Aperture user I’ve been fighting against Lr for a very long time. But at the end neither the world around me, neither Apple left me another choice than switching to a 100% Adobe workflow. Vs. Aperture, I still consider Lr as a glorified directory/image browser assisted by a database to support the metadata. A more developed version of Adobe Bridge. Aperture was a REAL (and solid) database with perfect versioning & archival possibilities, providing you with a lot more intra-computer/server/mobile flexibility. Going to anything else than Lr is in 2015 something you can do as an occasional photographer taking a few dozens of pictures every month, if you’re a dedicated/professional photographer working on several projects with a lot of networking it really becomes more and more difficult. The only exception might be C1 – which I also tried to give a chance but I gave up due to its cumbersome interface and disappointing Fuji RAW conversions (sorry, I didn’t judge them to be even a tad better than a well-tuned Lr conversion process incl. a profound color calibration). And another point where I agree, that endless debate about resolution and pixels. Any camera in the advanced segment is having a finer and more detailed result than what we saw in 135 roll film during last 72 years and I still like roll-film that’s one of the reasons why I stayed on the Fuji X-path despite its flaws and issues, including not the best RAW-support in the market.

  • David

    I do appreciate Thomas’ work and these presets can be a good starting point for those who don’t have much idea as to how to go about improving output from Lightroom. In the end, though, as our resident guru has pointed out, every image requires different settings and the underlying demosaicing weaknesses with LR often means more work than with Photo Ninja for instance. Essentially you need to learn for yourself the effects of the four sliders so quick decisions can be taken according to the nature of the detail in the image. I find the strengths in other areas of LR (film simulations, local editing, grad filters etc etc) make it generally worthwhile.

  • George Christofi

    Thanks Thomas

  • GK1128

    RAW FILE CONVERTER EX 2.0 powered by SILKYPIX from fujifilm support this “hack” for X100S too

  • AceFlibble

    Sigh. I did the ol’ hex editing to get CC onto the X100S last year and people A) said I was lying, B) said it couldn’t be done, or simply C) ignored it. Last time I bloody well try and solve peoples’ problems.

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