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Free FPS (Fujifilm Professional Services) Coming to USA Soon, Report Says


According to Chris Dodkin*, a new FPS (Fujifilm Professional Services) is going to be launched soon in USA. Chris wrote here:

A new look FPS is supposed to be imminent in the US. Based on ownership of gear rather than paying a boat load of cash each year. Australia have already adopted the new model. I got my info direct from a Fujifilm employee.

Here is how it works:

To qualify, enthusiasts must have purchased at least one qualifying GFX camera body and GF lens; or two qualifying X Series bodies and three XF lenses in the last 24 months, and professional photographers must have purchased at least one qualifying camera body and lens in either X or GFX Series in the last 24 months.

So, by purchasing your gear under the above mentioned conditions, you get access to FPS at no additional costs.

It works like this also in Europe (not sure if in all countries). Check out for example Fujifilm UK here, where you can also read the full terms and conditions.

*Chris Dodkin also published the latest #BB Magazine, with lots of GFX work inside. Check it out here.

In Japan, Fujifilm Professional Service costs $45 a Year for GFX and X Cameras with Lots of Benefits