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Fotodiox PRONTO Adapter for Fujifilm X Adds Autofocus to your Manual Focus Lenses


The Fotodiox PRONTO is an adapter, that allows you to add autofocus to a variety of manual focus lenses.

The Fotodiox PRONTO for Sony is on the market since a while now.

Now Fotodiox launched also the Fotodiox PRONTO for Fujifilm X, allowing you to add autofocus to your manual focus Leica M lenses. But if you double adapt the Fotodiox PRONTO to other Fotodiox adapters, you can shoot with a variety of other lens mount types, too. In the video below you’ll see how it works.

Introducing the PRONTO auto focus adapter for FUJIFILM X Series cameras! PRONTO is a Leica M to FUJIFILM X-mount adapter that adds auto focus functionality to your lens right out of the box! Just mount your Leica M lens on the adapter, mount the adapter on your X Series camera, focus the lens to infinity, and press the shutter button.

The adapter’s motor moves the lens forward and backwards to auto focus it on your subject at nearly the speed of a native lens! Just like that, breathe fresh life and functionality into your old and new manual lenses! Add a second optional adapter and you can mount and auto-focus lenses from Nikon, Pentax K, M42, and more.

Compatible Lens mounts (via a second adapter): Nikon F and G, Pentax K, M42, Olympus OM, Minolta MD, Contax/Yashica, Leica R, M39, DKL, and T-Mount

Here are some of the main specs:

  • Add autofocus to your Leica M-mount manual focus lenses; Ideal for 50mm and wider focal lengths
  • Improve close focus ability of all supported lenses; super light and compact
  • Further adapt to other lens mounts to increase your autofocus capability
  • Compatible with Fujifilm X-Mount Cameras; Support AF-S & AF-C mode & 5-Axis Stabilization
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Here are some things, you should keep in mind:

  • set your lens aperture ring to infinity (except for close ups, more below)
  • due to their size, the Fotodiox PRONTO won’t work with Canon EOS (EF, EF-S) and FD lenses
  • you want to make sure that any lenses adapted to pronto, added to the pronto weights less than 2 pounds. Over 2 pounds you could damange the PRONTO internal motor
  • the PRONTO will not work on the Fujifilm X-A5
  • the PRONTO adapter does work in video mode, but due to the jerky motion of the focussing motor, it is not recommeded to use for video
  • lenses with longer focal length (100, 120 and more) may need some pre-focussing when your are focussing on close up subjects, where you have to move the focus ring about half the way up in order to nail autofocus
  • in some cases, the Pronto will get in the way of some tripod mounts. You may need to get a spacer

Another possibly pleasing side effect of this adapter: usually, cameras with IBIS can only offer three axis stabilization on manual focus lenses, because in oder to know shift, you need to know subject distance. Apparently this autofocus adapter helps to retain the 5 stops IBIS, at least looking at the full specs below.

You can get the Fotodiox PRONTO at

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Add autofocus to your Leica M lenses

A manual lens needs to be focused manually; Think again! The Fotodiox Pro PRONTO adapter brings autofocus to your Leica M-mount lenses. If you want to automatically focus your M-mount lenses on your Fuji X-mount camera just attach it to the PRONTO adapter. For general use, it is recommended that the lens be set to infinity focus allowing autofocus within the entire focusing range of the lens. Half-press the shutter button to activate AF and the PRONTO adapter will focus your lens just like any other AF lens. Performance is optimal with 50mm and wider lenses. Telephoto optics may require coarse manual focusing before use of the adapter for fine tuning via autofocus.

Improve close focus ability

Improve close focusing with the Fotodiox Pro PRONTO adapter by attaching your lens and setting to the closest focus distance possible. This setup will allow you to use the PRONTO adapter as a 4.5mm extension tube with autofocus capabilities that will significantly shorten the minimum focus distance of your lens. The wider the lens, the stronger the effect will be.

Add a second adapter for more lens options

The PRONTO adapter has a Leica M-mount, but the options don’t stop there. With the use of additional adapters you are able to adapt nearly any lens to Leica M, attach to the PRONTO adapter and enable them to be used with autofocus. Not all adapters will work due to size limitations imposed by the motor housing of the PRONTO adapter. Click here to see a list of compatible adapters for the PRONTO adapter.

Support AF-S & AF-C Mode & 5-Axis Stabilization

Compatible with the Phase Detection autofocus (PDAF) system on the a7 II, a7R II, a9, a6300, and a6500. This adapter will support both AF-S and AF-C focusing modes, face detection and up to 5-axis stabilization on supported cameras. Decreasing the focus area comes with a significant reduction in speed and may produce some focus hunting. Using any cameras with only Contrast Detection Autofocus (CDAF) is NOT recommended (i.e. Sony NEX, a6000, Sony a7, Sony a7R, Sony a7S, Sony a7Sii, etc).

  • • The PRONTO adapter supports AF-S and AF-C focusing. You can change the Focus Area from Wide to Center or Flexible Spot (S/M/L). Decreasing the focus area comes with a significant reduction in speed and may produce some focus hunting. Face detection is also supported.
  • • Please note that the PRONTO adapter has a weight limit of 680g (1.5lbs) for the attached lens. Although this is difficult to exceed with M-mount lenses, it is easy to surpass when using a second adapter on SLR and Medium Format lenses. In house testing and consumer reporting has shown success when supporting the lens instead of the lighter camera.
  • • The motor, which changes the length of the PRONTO adapter, will make some noise; this is normal. This noise is minimal and should not be a hindrance in most situations.
  • • If the adapter seems slow to respond, disassemble the lens and adapter. Clean both sides of the adapter’s signal contacts with technical grade alcohol. Allow to completely dry before re-assembly.
  • • In bright lighting situations the adapter focuses nearly as fast as a native AF lens however, in lower light the autofocus slows significantly.
  • • The PRONTO adapter may slowly drain your camera battery even when the camera is turned off. To prevent this issue when the camera is not in use simply remove the battery briefly and insert it again.
  • • The weight limit for attached lenses is specified to be 680g or less. Using lenses with a greater weight may result in extra strain on both the motor and the mount.
  • • This is a manual adapter, so lens functions that rely on electronic communication with the camera body (autofocus, AE metering, image stabilization, etc.) will be disrupted.
  • • ‘Focus-By-Wire’ lenses (such as Canon’s STM or Nikons AF-P) requires power to engage the manual focus rings on the lens, since manual lens mount adapters do not power the lens, those lenses will not be able to focus.
  • • Set your exposure manually or meter using your camera’s Aperture Priority (stop-down) mode.
  • • If your lens does not have a manual aperture control ring, the lens aperture will revert to its default position, which depending on the lens is either stopped down to its largest f-stop or opened up to its smallest f-stop.

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