Fotodiox PRO Pronto Adapter Firmware Update Available

We talked about the Fotodiox Pro Pronto adapter last year, an adapter that adds autofocus to manual focus lenses (you can see which mounts it covers via double adapting here).

The Fotodiox PRONTO autofocus adapter for Fujifilm cameras just received firmware update v1.13.

  • Fix to ensure the adapter retracts properly when the camera is shut down.
  • Few minor bug fixes.

The latest firmware is now available for download here.

Fotodiox PRONTO Adapter for Fujifilm X Adds Autofocus to your Manual Focus Lenses

The Fotodiox PRONTO is an adapter, that allows you to add autofocus to a variety of manual focus lenses.

The Fotodiox PRONTO for Sony is on the market since a while now.

Now Fotodiox launched also the Fotodiox PRONTO for Fujifilm X, allowing you to add autofocus to your manual focus Leica M lenses. But if you double adapt the Fotodiox PRONTO to other Fotodiox adapters, you can shoot with a variety of other lens mount types, too. In the video below you’ll see how it works.

Introducing the PRONTO auto focus adapter for FUJIFILM X Series cameras! PRONTO is a Leica M to FUJIFILM X-mount adapter that adds auto focus functionality to your lens right out of the box! Just mount your Leica M lens on the adapter, mount the adapter on your X Series camera, focus the lens to infinity, and press the shutter button.

The adapter’s motor moves the lens forward and backwards to auto focus it on your subject at nearly the speed of a native lens! Just like that, breathe fresh life and functionality into your old and new manual lenses! Add a second optional adapter and you can mount and auto-focus lenses from Nikon, Pentax K, M42, and more.

Compatible Lens mounts (via a second adapter): Nikon F and G, Pentax K, M42, Olympus OM, Minolta MD, Contax/Yashica, Leica R, M39, DKL, and T-Mount

Here are some of the main specs:

  • Add autofocus to your Leica M-mount manual focus lenses; Ideal for 50mm and wider focal lengths
  • Improve close focus ability of all supported lenses; super light and compact
  • Further adapt to other lens mounts to increase your autofocus capability
  • Compatible with Fujifilm X-Mount Cameras; Support AF-S & AF-C mode & 5-Axis Stabilization
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Here are some things, you should keep in mind:

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