[UPDATE] Firmware Update available (X-E1 Ver.1.04 and X PRO 1 Ver. 2.03)


update photo update_zpscfe1d950.png

[UPDATE] Many of you could not notice a slower AF and noisier lens. So also Einar, who posted his findings here. “I think the camera seems more responsive, faster. The autofocus too, seems better on all the lenses. I have only tried in good lighting conditions, still some hunting in low contrast areas, but overall I would say this is an improvement.” I got more emails from readers telling me that the improvements of the AF (35mm lens) in low light conditions are impressive! And Rico anticipated his X-Pert Corner post from friday to today.

[Original Post] Finally, here it is! Click here to go to the download page (for X-E1)… But, maybe it would be wise to wait until tomorrow to update the firmware, when Rico will give you some useful tips in his X-Pert Corner article about how to do it. (For the X-PRO1 firmware update click here)

In the meantime I’ve received some first impressions from Fujirumors Readers. They are reporting some problems with this new firmware.

The lens firmware may update, but the version number remains 2.01.  An oversight on Fuji’s part, possibly. I see the issue, and so do others… the other thing is they may have improved accuracy of focussing with the 35mm lens… but it has slowed down and become MUCH noisier.

“…focussing speed has definitely slowed down considerably compared to the last update, but may still be slightly faster than original. Noise is an issue.  When the XP1 first came out it was quiet, the only issue being aperture chatter.  Now the 35mm lens, in particular, is a VERY noisy lens, and it’s not a nice noise.

So, just install the firmware update, as soon as Rico posts his article, and then share your findings in the comments.

Here are the details of this update:

The firmware update Ver.1.04 from Ver. 1.01 incorporates the following issue

1.    Adding the compatibility with “XF14mmF2.8R”.
You will get the full performance of “XF14mmF2.8R”, including Manual Focus function.

2.    Newly added function
Shutter release button can be active even if an external microphone or a remote release is connected to USB mini terminal or MIC/REMOTE terminal (Φ2.5mm) of the camera.

3.    Improvement in performance
(1)Accuracy of auto focus performance has been much improved under a various shooting condition.
Shooting with XF35mm lens, Shooting for the target with relatively high frequency, One-push AF by pressing AE-L/AF-L button,

To enable more accurate AF performance with XF35mm lens, please update the firmware of your Fujinon XF35mm lens at the same time. Firwware version must be Ver 2.02 or later.

(2)Audio performance has been optimized for Stereo Microphone MIC-ST1 (sold separately.)
(3)Improvement of unexpected pixels recorded in the top far-left taken with XF18-55mm Lens under the condition of middle range focal length.

  • For some reason for many updaters the new lens firmware doesn’t show the update in the version name. Once you’ve installed 2.02 it remains visible as 2.01. If you try to install it again it just tells you that the latest firmware version is already installed. Seems Fuji couldn’t even remember to update the version name Surprise surprise!

    No speed increase, but rather the 35mm lens in autofocus is now noticeably slower than the last update, I’d say almost back to its original speed before the last update. In order to improve accuracy it seems that they may have had to slow the lens down to original speeds.

    The update has made the 35mm lens even noisier.

    Accuracy has definitely improved, but first impressions of the update aren’t great, and I don’t see much enthusiasm in other postings in other forums…

    Having tried, out of curiosity, I will now revert to my Canon and Leica

    • Ksi01

      Should i update the body only then?

    • deng

      It shows 2.02 for the lens for me.
      Check again if you are not trying to update with 2.01:

      MD5 2.02: 7c9c1d7d139165b322ffd4e72b3d4773
      MD5 2.01: 37a8661f39324b289a59ff54bc81c894

      • Pete

        yup show 2.02 for me. seems more accurate in quick tests

  • Caderyn

    Mine changes fine and shows 2.02.

    Honestly I find it hard to tell the speed difference between the firmware updates and I don’t find the lens to be nosier.

    • alberto

      X-1E Firmware 1.04 with 18-55mm Body update, worked flawlessly…, AF in low light very improved.

  • Mmmh, now I’m confused whether I should update or skip it and wait for the next one…
    You can’t revert to a previous firmware, right?

    • Martin

      afaik you can’t revert

  • Martin

    My camera correctly reports FW 1.04, lens FW 2.02. I don’t really feel any significant differences is speed or noise compared to the prior firmware. I simply believe in more accurate focusing results… :)

    • Pete

      yup I agree. no real difference to noise /speed but the AF is more reliable in low light

  • Iullian

    The link and the Fuji X-E1 firmware download page still says Ver. 1.01.

    Should I download it?

  • Khoral, you can’t roll back. The update works, but read comments now beginning to appear on various forums. There is a notable lack of enthusiasm in the reports coming through. Many are reporting more noise, slower, but better accuracy with the 35mm.
    The problem is if you wait for Fuji to get it the way you want, you could be in for a long, long wait :)
    Read the forums for a day or two, then decide. For me it was a lot of media hype and build-up for a rather disappointing update. Yes more accurate, but slower and noisier. Some are reporting the new lens firmware version doesn’t update in the camera, even though the firmware has actually updated.
    Wait and read… nobody seems wildly enthusiastic so far.

    • Yeah, that’s my feeling as well.
      The noise is the part that bothers me most, especially since the X-Pro1 is already notably noisier than my X100 (yet quieter than most DSLRs!)..
      AF speed is important, but all things considered, for a camera like the X-Pro1, accuracy is more important for my personal use (I guess having both is for firmware 4.05;)).

      How would compare the noise to that of a standard DSLR, with its nice clapping mirror?

  • Iullian

    Fuji download page updated while I was writing.

  • David

    My XE-1 with 35mm updated to 1.04 and 2.02 (correct version number displayed). No increase in noise from the 35mm when focusing. Subjective impression is improved focus accuracy from the 35mm.

  • Eric

    Mine also displays the correct version numbers 1.04 and 2.02 after the update. Noise and speed seem the same as before. Focusing seem quite accurate now (even in difficult focusing situations e.g. curved edges, low light). Will have to try more to be able to say for sure.

  • Christian

    When I updated, one of the messages from the camera appeared in spanish – my camera is set to german :)

    Besides this oddity the update went fine.

  • TomR

    Grrr Fuji! Why won’t you give us an update that allows us to set min shutter speed in auto ISO? 1/52 is too slow for me. Please…

  • jean pierre

    I do have to update my X-Pro1 to FW 2.03, because I use the 18-55 zoom lens.

    FW 2.03: incorporate the following issue:
    “Improvement of unexpected pixels recorded in the top far-left taken with XF18-55mm Lens under the condition of middle range focal length.”

  • Milan Angelovic

    wow, it seems that in the backlight better, reliable AF


  • Ario

    The claimed new feature “One-push AF by pressing AE-L/AF-L button” on my X Pro-1 does not work

    • deng

      It’s not a new feature, it’s just what’s improved in terms of AF accuracy (XF35, high-frequency and AF-L in MF).

      I hope they will finally hire a professional translator because it’s a bloody joke right now.

  • Dr

    Not slower and not noisier on my XP1.

    Update it! :D

    • Imgurian

      I agree. All round better on mine. I suspect there’s some Sony/Olympus trolls posting here. ;)

  • Gunston

    hi, i could find the XP1 2.03 firmware from official fuji website, it is still shwoing the older 2.01 firmware.

  • The update worked great. The numbers displayed are correct, it’s still the same speed with improved accuracy in difficult lighting. I wonder why so many people seem to have problems.

  • Dmitry

    Upgraded my X-E1 to 1.04 without any issues. No noticeable performance changes with the 18-55 lens though.

  • Markdphotoguy

    No problems either with noise or AF performance.
    Version number changes no problem.
    Tested AF accuracy in MF with AF/AE-L button and it seems more accurate.
    Took 5 shots of static low contrast subject (shoes in closet hallway lights off) before update 3 focused accurately (though one was borderline) after update all five locked on well all images upon review were sharp at the focused point.
    Definitely clear your browser cache before going to the fuji update page so you don’t download off of an old link.

  • Imgurian

    I’m upgrading right now… for science.

    • Imgurian

      OK no problem here. Just make sure you do it properly.

      My camera is showing Body firmware 2.03 and Lens firmware 2.02 (for 35 1.4)

      WIth both updated the accuracy of the 35 1.4 seem much better (it’s not back-focusing using the OVF anymore. The speed seems pretty similar to what it was before.

      Don’t be scared off by the people with problems. If you follow the instructions and do it right it’ll improve your camera.

  • The new firmware does what is describe in the detail update. Nothing more nothing less.

  • Shane

    Having read the comments of the noisy and slower AF, I proceeded to ONLY update the camera body.

    AND…. the AF was noticeably noisier!!! Not sure about slower, but definitely noisier.

    I went to update the lens to 2.02! Wow, the Noisy AF went away! One can only conclude that some of those having the noisy AF problems might have accidentally downloaded the old version of the Firmware update (hence their version number might not have changed).

    Could be a cached problem with the page, or user error, since the links on Fuji’s page are so horribly positioned.

    • Imgurian

      Sounds like the solution right there.

  • No problems with the links version number ok, don’t detect an increase in noiseor AF performance.
    Testing for accurancy.

  • BTW: did anyone notice that this time the cameras settings weren’t reset to default!?
    thank you Fuji, thats the best thing with this update…

    • I thought I might be the only one, or just crazy… but this was definitely the BEST FEATURE. :) Also, it seems marginally louder… maybe. I didn’t test before and after with a sound meter… meh. If it focuses more accurately, that’s good!

      • Dr

        Camera settings have been preserved since fw 2.0 on the XP1

  • Josh

    I compared the new firmware updates side by side with the previous version as my wife and I have identical XE-1’s with 35mm lenses. The AF speed increase was negligible. I didn’t hear any extra noise. I did notice that focusing in back-light scenes was much better with the new update. Overall, not as major an update as I would have liked, but at least it’s an update.

    • chris

      Hi Josh,
      Thank you for this interesting comparison.

  • imboyster

    Oh my. I should’ve waited. Mine is making an annoying sound. Though the focus is a tad better, i can’t get my attention to that sound. Sigh.

    • Imgurian

      Did you update the firmware for the lens too? That seems to help the noise problem and in my experience increased accuracy.

      • imboyster

        I did update both body and lens.

        • Some bloke

          You sure? Did you check?

          I have no such noise on mine. Maybe you’re imagining things or did something wrong… or trolling.

  • Firmware versions displayed correctly in my case for the camera body (X-E1) and the lens (35mm). No problem with that.

    No noticeable increase of noise and as with Josh’s findings, AF speed increase is negligible.

  • andy g

    No problems here and the correct version is showing up for both body and my 35mm. I don’t notice anymore noise but certainly seems more accurate…any change seems negligible.

  • Jake

    I think many negative comments are simply due to hysteria. How could a firmware update affect how much noise a physical motor makes?

  • Kuba

    After update my 35/1.4 is LESS NOISY than before.

  • Zeteo

    Update success for X-E1 (1.04) with 35mm (2.02).

    I followed the instruction to upgrade the X-E1 body to 1.04 prior to upgrade the 35mm to 2.02 (as stated in 35mm 2.02 update page) Both version number are displayed correctly in the firmware screen.

    In good light, see no differences in speed nor accuracy.

    In low light & close range, now the lens is trying 4-5 times focusing back and forth to get focus, whereas before the update it usually take 1-2 try and give up. The motor speed and noise are the same, it just takes more tries than before attempting to get in focus.

    Overall, slow focus still better than no focus in low light.

  • Firmare version displayed correctly here (XP1+35mm).
    everything as usual, any changement in speed or noise here..

  • autoy

    Another success story here, updated with no problems. 35mm seems to hunt less. Speed and accuracy seem improved for me in low light, in normal conditions is about the same. No weird noises whatsoever.

  • kkowalski

    Just updated my X-E1. Definitely better af in low light conditions with the 18-55.

  • Martin

    From my personal perspective the 35mm1.4 focussing is neither faster nor noiser but it is better in low light.

  • Jus updated without problems. Focusing on the 35mm does not seem to be faster; possibly more accurate in low light, but it is hard to tell without direct comparison. The lens is definitely not noisier on my XE-1.

  • As far as I’m concerned, no change in noise and speed.
    It’s possibly more accurate, but I’ll have to use it more to ascertain (and in any case, my X-Pro1 didn’t make nearly as many AF mistakes as some people report).

  • Petrick Lim

    After the update, the 35mm lens is less noisier, much faster and more accurate in low-light. I’m very happy with the update.

  • Taz

    Just updated my X-PRO 1 & lens.. Focusing seems faster, but the lens makes louder noise now…….

  • Cyberoutlaw

    Update went through flawlessly, less than a minute for each file. Auto focus seems more accurate and reliable now. I don’t notice any difference in focus speed, but Fuji doesn’t list improved speed as one of the updated items in this firmware release. I did notice some additional shutter noise similar to the sound it makes when turning off the power, but I can accept that as a trade off for the improved accuracy.

    • Cyberoutlaw

      I have to revise my original comment. After an hour of shooting today, there was no noticeable blade noise at all. In my case, the update does exactly what it says. Bravo Fuji!

  • Edvarda

    Did an update of the X-E1 and the 35mm lens. Everything worked fine and it shows the correct versions.
    Focus accuracy in AF mode is now at the same precise level as in manual mode using the AE-L Button. Got the impression that not only the accuracy is much much better but also the speed in low light/low contrast situations. No change in noise.
    Did not test the improvements with the 18-55mm but I am already very happy as this fixed the serious back focus issue I experienced with the 35mm in some situations.
    Thanks to Fuji!

  • Сергей

    Become better autofocus in low light conditions, all else remains the same, but sorry …

  • Just updated the X-E1 and the 35 1.4 in that order to 1.04 and 2.02.

    Lens seems snappier and backlit images are focused faster. Not bad.

    BUT – here we go:

    The good old and VERY distinct aperture chatter is back, going on with it’s slight but noticeable series of clicking sounds every time I move the camera around in shooting mode. Happens at all apertures.

    That’s just…. stupid.

    • same… really stupid…

  • Hunting in low light is one of the biggest problems of this system, so this actually sounds like good news. Can’t wait to install it this weekend. Thanks for the reviews!

  • chris

    Accuracy of auto focus performance has been much improved under a various shooting condition.
    ? ? ?
    What do that mean ?
    Are they speaking about XF 35mm exclusively … or all XF lenses ?

  • CH

    Everything works fine – speed and accuracy improved. No “extra” noise.
    x-pro1 / 35mm 1.4

  • Ringo

    Why is it that while using the OVF, it tends to focus significantly slower and noisier compared to using the EVF to focus?

    EVF (Faster and Quieter) > OVF (Slower and Noisier)?

    I have tested this in a fluorescent lit room.

  • Rikki

    All installed on my xe1 and 35, AF better, no difference in noise. Thanks fuji.

  • SAS

    Seems like to me the focus speed is worse with the 35 1.4 but much faster with the 18-55.

    I wish I could back out the 35’s firmware update and try again.

  • Marco

    I just did my upgrade on my lens and body yesterday.

    As i read along all the comments, it was all saying bad negative comments after upgrade at the beginning of the page.
    of cos there are those who said good thing after upgrade, real supporter of Fujifilm x-pro1

    U really wanna know my comment?

    First, it has never been that bad. I didnt realize the noise at all to be very honest with you. and I did find the autofocus is more accurate now in the lowlight condition

    second, my screen shows that the firmware of this lil baby are 2.02 for my 35mm lens, and 2.03 for my body. Yes. It says the correct firmware to his master… So another testimony here.


  • Kelly

    Upgraded body and lenses. No issues with firmware upgrades. Version numbers appear as they should appear for body and lenses. No reset to default settings. No noticeable noise. Excited to see continued improvements!

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