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[UPDATE] Firmware Update available (X-E1 Ver.1.04 and X PRO 1 Ver. 2.03)


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[UPDATE] Many of you could not notice a slower AF and noisier lens. So also Einar, who posted his findings here. “I think the camera seems more responsive, faster. The autofocus too, seems better on all the lenses. I have only tried in good lighting conditions, still some hunting in low contrast areas, but overall I would say this is an improvement.” I got more emails from readers telling me that the improvements of the AF (35mm lens) in low light conditions are impressive! And Rico anticipated his X-Pert Corner post from friday to today.

[Original Post] Finally, here it is! Click here to go to the download page (for X-E1)… But, maybe it would be wise to wait until tomorrow to update the firmware, when Rico will give you some useful tips in his X-Pert Corner article about how to do it. (For the X-PRO1 firmware update click here)

In the meantime I’ve received some first impressions from Fujirumors Readers. They are reporting some problems with this new firmware.

The lens firmware may update, but the version number remains 2.01.  An oversight on Fuji’s part, possibly. I see the issue, and so do others… the other thing is they may have improved accuracy of focussing with the 35mm lens… but it has slowed down and become MUCH noisier.

“…focussing speed has definitely slowed down considerably compared to the last update, but may still be slightly faster than original. Noise is an issue.  When the XP1 first came out it was quiet, the only issue being aperture chatter.  Now the 35mm lens, in particular, is a VERY noisy lens, and it’s not a nice noise.

So, just install the firmware update, as soon as Rico posts his article, and then share your findings in the comments.

Here are the details of this update:

The firmware update Ver.1.04 from Ver. 1.01 incorporates the following issue

1.    Adding the compatibility with “XF14mmF2.8R”.
You will get the full performance of “XF14mmF2.8R”, including Manual Focus function.

2.    Newly added function
Shutter release button can be active even if an external microphone or a remote release is connected to USB mini terminal or MIC/REMOTE terminal (Φ2.5mm) of the camera.

3.    Improvement in performance
(1)Accuracy of auto focus performance has been much improved under a various shooting condition.
Shooting with XF35mm lens, Shooting for the target with relatively high frequency, One-push AF by pressing AE-L/AF-L button,

To enable more accurate AF performance with XF35mm lens, please update the firmware of your Fujinon XF35mm lens at the same time. Firwware version must be Ver 2.02 or later.

(2)Audio performance has been optimized for Stereo Microphone MIC-ST1 (sold separately.)
(3)Improvement of unexpected pixels recorded in the top far-left taken with XF18-55mm Lens under the condition of middle range focal length.