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Final Update :: Impact of the Earthquake in Kumamoto Prefecture on the operations of FUJIFILM Corporation


May 26, 2016

FUJIFILM Corporation would like to express its deepest sympathies and sincerest condolences to the people affected by the recent series of earthquakes centered in the Kumamoto region in Japan.

FUJIFILM Kyusyu Co., Ltd., located in Kikuyo-cho, Kumamoto, has been working toward the resumption of its operations in cooperation with Fujifilm Group companies and other support companies. The company commenced trial operations on April 23 and full operations have now been resumed at the first trial facility. The resumption of operations has also been successfully achieved at other facilities, and on May 22, the company had finally resumed full operations at all its facilities. The operations of FUJIFILM Kyusyu have now reached pre-earthquake production levels.
The company resumed the shipping of stock from its warehouse on April 19, and has also started shipping products that have been manufactured in facilities at which operations have resumed.

Damage to the warehouse was minimal, and resumption of operations proceeded smoothly and quicker than expected. Fujifilm estimates that the impact on its business in the current fiscal year will also be minimal. The continued understanding, cooperation and support of many companies has been most greatly appreciated.

FUJIFILM Kyusyu will exert its utmost efforts to carefully maintain all its operations while the probability of aftershocks subsides.
The Fujifilm Group will continue to improve its business continuity plan based on the lessons learned from this recent experience.

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