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dpreview “hugely impressed”: XF 56mm f/1.2 and TCL-X100 samples and first impressions online


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XF 56mm f1.2

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Fujifilm XF 56mm F1.2 R real-world samples gallery  at dpreview: “We’ve been hugely impressed with the 56mm: it’s extremely sharp, even when shot at its widest aperture and although the bokeh can occasionally appear slightly bright edged, it’s rarely anything but pleasant.”


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– Fujifilm TCL-X100 teleconverter for X100/S samples gallery at dpreview: “As far as image quality is concerned, the combination of an X100S and TCL-X100 is capable of truly impressive results. In fact, looking through my sample images, I would challenge anyone to guess that they’d been taken through a large, multi-element additional lens. That said, the X100/S tend to deliver somewhat hazy images at close focusing distances, and this is equally true when the TCL-X100 is attached. It’s not an issue beyond around 1m, but at focus distances closer than this, sharpness does drop off progressively.”

– Antoine: “Hi Patrick, I got the new TCL-X100 this morning and started playing with it a little. I’ll put on Flickr some test pictures. The first ones are to test the macro capabilities and it’s quite nice.”

– TCL-X100 Review from a Working Pro at the-owl: “Of course, for many, the original attraction of the X100/S was the fact it was fixed lens.  Me too in fact.  It made me think more about my images and made me less lazy as a photographer. Some will also be of the opinion that if you want an interchangeable system then you are better off looking at the X-Pro1, X-E2, X-M1, X-T1 cameras.  Perhaps.  For me, however, the X100S remains my tool of choice when working very quietly and discreetly.  The ability now to be able to shoot longer as well as wider is a huge benefit for the way I work. For me, I will likely shoot with one of my X100S’s at the wide end using the WCL-X100 and one loaded with the TCL-X100.  I have the 23mm lens on my X-T1 that covers the standard focal length of the X100S. When this copy goes back to Fuji, I’ll be putting an order in for the TCL-X100 immediately.  It’s a great addition to the system. Enjoy.”