A Cameradiner and Fuji live show.

Paul Genge from Camera Diner just invited us to watch a Fuji related Live show: “LIVE on tomorrow night at 7pm (UK) 8pm(CET) we will have photographer David Kai Piper who is a professional photographer using X-PRO1 and published by Fujifilm UK. Because its a LIVE show the viewer can interact and ask questions directly through the chatwall.

New Fuji patent discloses a phase detection pixel technology

We know well that it AF speed is not exactly one of the most impressive features of the X cameras. But Fuji seems to working on some innovative solutions for the future. The Japanese website Egami (translation here) spotted that new patent describing an on sensor phase detection system. The interesting news here is they found a way to allow such a feature without the use of extra Phase detection AF pixels!

Let’s hope this is coming with the next X camera…

[UPDATE:] Look inside the X-E1 EVF

[UPDATE:] I received an email from the person that made the first video. This time he also takes shots through the EVF. Look here the new video

There is much interest around how good (or bad) the EVF of the new X-E1 (click here) really is. Is there a lag or even a freeze that blocks the camera from doing anything for a second or… there is a lively discussion in the comments to this post of fujirumors (click here).

You can see how the EVF performs in bright sunshine in this youtube video (click here). I think he should have taken some shots to understand better how the EVF performs.

There is another video of someone taking shots through the X-E1 viewfinder that you can see here on youtube (click here)!

Now, does these to videos clear up this issue? Leave a comment.

First FULL Leather Case for X-E1

I got notified by (see the cases). I received an email informing me that there is the first full leather case for the X-E1 available worldwide on ebay (click here to see the leather case). There is also the half case version here. They are stocked in China. Personally, for what concerns the half case,  I still prefer the Kenji Leather Half Case (click here), but, as you know from my previous post, “de gustibus non est disputandum”. So take a look by yourself, and make your choice. I saved now a new search on slidoo (i love it!) and they will send me an email as soon as the full leather case is available in USA… or save the search by yourself on slidoo.

Have a good start in this new week!