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Fringer Smart Adapter Pro: Sigma 150-600 on Fujifilm X-T2 PDAF Autofocus Video Demo (Firmware 1.40)


Back in late January, Fringer released the Canon EF to Fujifilm X smart adapter, which sold out within a few hours. They now expect new stock in late March / beginning of April.

But you can pre-order it at fringeradapter now, and the next batch will be delivere on a first comes first basis.

In the meantime, Fringer keeps up demonstrating the capabilities of its adapter.

This time we see how fast the autofocus is with the Sigma 150-600 on the Fujifilm X-T2. Looks really good with the new Firmware 1.40 :)

You can see the video at fringer’s youtube.

Full Release Notes

New firmware (v1.40) is available for Fringer EF-FX adapter products.

Before v1.30, the IS function of the lens is always activated as long as the IS switch on the lens is turned on. That may cause power consumption problems. Meanwhile, powering off the camera while IS switch is on may make some noises because the IS module is not shut down properly. Now we changed the IS control logic. The IS will not be activated until the shutter release button is half-pressed. And it will be disabled automatically about 2 seconds after the button’s release. That’s similar to that of Canon cameras. Both issues of power consumption and IS module powering off have been solved.

Meanwhile, 6 new lenses have been tested and optimized for all the PDAF points of X-Trans II and X-Trans III cameras, including

Sigma 150-600 is a big tele lens. Now we can use PDAF when adapting it to X mount. Whatever AF-S, AF-C, video mode, etc., are all working. Watch the demo video at the top.

List of smart adapters available or soon to come: