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Capture One Will Support Fujifilm GFX (New Source) :: Phase One Says Not Enough Requests for Fujifilm Film Simulation Support



Hey guys,

I had quite a long chat with a new source. I’ll bring to the point:

Phase One will add support for Fujifilm GFX 50s in Capture One Pro.

There is a bit of confusion on th C1 GFX support topic, because:

  • December 30, 2016: Phase One Support says Capture One won’t support the Fujifilm GFX: “It’s a direct competitor of our core business.” (stroy here)
  • January 5, 2017: PhaseOne managment corrects: “Fujifilm GFX support? We have not yet decided. It depends on the GFX Market impact” (stroy here)
  • February 17, 2017: During a Zack Arias live talk, a Fuji Rep says to Zack Arias, that there will be Capture One support for Fujifilm GFX (story here)

So, there is hope.

And maybe the recent Capture One 10.1 update, which finally introduced some significant X-Trans support improvments, could be a sign that Phase One is finally working with more dedication to support Fujifilm cameras.

  • Capture One Pro 10.1 Released: Improved Fujifilm X-Trans support, X-T20, XQ2 and X-A10 support & more (more here)

Oh… and how could I forget that…. grain of salt, of course, fellow Fuji Shooters ;)

FujiRumors Talk with Phase One Manager

I had the opportunity to quickly chat with a Phase One manager.

I asked about GFX support, and of course he couldn’t give me any answer, since he said that “especially regarding the GFX we don’t pre release any forthcoming support“. To me, this sounds already better than… let’s say… “we currently have no plans for GFX support“. :)

I also asked about Fujifilm film simulation support, and the Manager said that it depends on market demand. “We don’t get so many requests for it – at least officially.  Best thing to do is for Fuji users to log it at”

So what are your waiting for? Drop them an email :)

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