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Capture One + Fujifilm Webinar Online: “There is no Reason why We Can’t offer Fuji’s Film Simulations Profiles in Future”


The dedicated Fujifilm Capture One webinar with Eivind Røhne is now online on youtube here.

It’s a 70 minutes video interesting for every Capture One and Fujifilm user.

Eivind Røhne will tell you about his workflow, how he adjusted his default C1 settings, what he likes and what he misses (also compared to Photoshop) and more. Eivind will also tell you at what point he stops to use Capture One and starts to use Photoshop (42:20)

They talk about the recent X-Trans support improvement.

Here are some little tidbits for those of you guys, who now have no time to go through the entire video (you’re welcome ;) )

  • Using compressed RAW files in C1 is slower than uncompressed, since C1 has to uncompress the files first
  • Eivind misses the film simulation support (in the meantime, you can find a great homebrew at the fuji-x-forum)

And about future Fujifilm support Capture One:

  • there is no reason why we can’t offer Fujfilm film simulations profile support in future (min 33:30)
  • they do not mention Fujifilm GFX support
  • they do not mention native Capture One tethered shooting support for Fujifilm cameras, although they talk about the workaround using Fujifilm’s (free) X-Aquire software and the hot folder functionality on Capture One. (min: 57:55)