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BYE BYE FULL FRAME, or a Fujifilm X-T3 Long Term Review!


Fujifilm X-T3

Is the world making you feel like you really need a full frame camera?

Well, there is one reason, why you don’t need one, and this reason is called Fujifilm X-T3!

That’s at least what GxAce claims in his Fujifilm X-T3 review, which you can check out above. He says:

  • Fujifilm X-T3 one of best value for money cameras on the market
  • it’s an unbelievable photo machine and it tops most cameras in terms of video specs as well
  • rock solid build quality
  • dials feel satisfying to turn
  • amazing color science
  • ETERNA is great for video
  • sweep spot between price and performance
  • great autofocus also for video
  • amazing hybrid camera
  • if you are looking for an incredible versatile video and photo camera, look no further than this (X-T3)

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