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AWESOME THANKS! 25,000 Facebook Followers + One More little Fujifilm X-T2 Real Life Image for You :-)


FB Followers

Wow… I’m dazzled… I mean, 25,000+ facebook followers, 10,400 twitter followers, 13,000 forum members.

Really thanks so much!

And also a huuuuuuge thanks to all those persons, who dropped me an email with a link to an interesting news, who shared their story, who contributed with guest posts, who supported FR by buying some gear using the links on FR or who simply dropped me a few lines encouraging me to keep up the work on FR. Without your help, I couldn’t run all this.

And a BIIIIIIG “Thank you” to ALL SOURCES, from the anonymous to the trusted ones, who helped me so much to find the right path between the jungle of fake rumors and keep the whole X-shooter community excited.

Happy Independence Day
Your Support keeps FujiRumors 100% Free and Independent
… and about my relationship with Fujifilm

I’ll always keep FR like it is now, 100% free to read (also for trolls and haters ;) ) and 100% independent from Fujifilm.

Because it’s from you guys that I get 100% of the financial support to run this blog and pay the site costs. Yep, Fujifilm doesn’t pay me. And unlike some of you think, FujiRumors is not controlled by Fujifilm.

I never got a single penny from Fujifilm. I have never been invited to any event. I never got a discount on X-gear. I pay everything full price and if I have a problem I contact my local Fuji support as all of you do, wait, and pay the full price for the repair (like my bending door).

Moreover (and unique in the X-websites world) Fujifilm does not even support me with retweets or facebook shares (not even when I talk good about them)… and yet, we grew up to a community of 25,000+ FB followers doing all alone our own thing :-) . Awesome!

And you know what? I LOVE it this way… because this is the strength of FujiRumors: our independence! Which is made possible by your support, every time you:

  1. purchase gear using Affilitate links on FR with stores like BHphoto, RockyNook and Co.
  2. click on Banners on the site
  3. make micro Donations
  4. drop your honest feedback in the comments

Having absolutely 0% contacts with (and favours from) Fujifilm gives me an immense freedom to write whatever I want. The good, and the bad. You are my only boss… and all I want to do is to deliver you the best content and rumors possible.

And there is one more very important advantage of being the largest independent X-shooter community on the web: our honest discussions, our massive votes in polls, the hundreds of comments to the various posts…. all this makes the FujiRumors Community an unmatched source of user feedback for Fujifilm, which is why they read us with the greatest care.

So thanks in advance to those, who have the possibility and decide to support FR in future, allowing me to keep FR free and independent.

And now… let’s get back to the regular FR-life. And we do it best with a nice Fujifilm X-T2 image, where you can clearly see how much bigger the ISO and Shutter dial have become.

I’m ready for the second half of 2016… and it promises to be fun!
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