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Available soon: X-T1, 56mm and 10-24mm (56mm in stock at WexUK)


 photo stocksoon_zps3780143a.jpg

X-T1: The light leak is fixed and the X-T1 is shipping again! AmazonUS expects to have both, the body and the kit, in stock within the next couple of days. Check it out here. And also Adorama is shipping the X-T1 (thx for the screenshot, Gordon). Adorama and BHphoto offer 4% reward at the purchase of an X-T1. You’ll find the X-T1 available at [shoplink 21553 ebay]ebayUS[/shoplink]. And lemme know what you think about the d-pad buttons on this new bunch of cameras.

XF 10-24: Always according to AmazonUS, the 10-24 will be released on March 31 (check it out here).Also BHphoto expects to have it available by the end of March. It’s in stock, but more expensive than normal, at Digitalrev.

XF 56mm: The XF 56mm is in stock at WexUK here.

Fuji X-T1: [shopcountry 21553] Fuji XF 56mm: [shopcountry 21554] Fuji XF 10-24mm: [shopcountry 20414]

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