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AF-Comparison: X-T1, Sony A6000, Olympus OMD E-M1 and Panasonic GH4 vs the Nikon D4S + Low Light test



Which mirrorless camera has really the fastest AF? Is it the [shoplink 21553]X-T1[/shoplink], the [shoplink 17516]Olympus OM-D E-M1[/shoplink], the [shoplink 22210]Sony A6000[/shoplink] or the [shoplink 24784]Panasonic GH4[/shoplink]? And how do they compare to a $7000 speed monster camera like the [shoplink 24785]Nikon D4S[/shoplink]?

Chris (camerastoreTV) compared them allĀ  in this video.

The Fuji X-T1 was tested with the [shoplink 12892]55-200 zoom lens[/shoplink] and the [shoplink 14969]95MB/s UHS-I SD card[/shoplink].

And no, the X-T1 still can’t break the speed records of the two M43 cameras (Olympus and Panasonic), and also the A6000 (with a wider sensor area covered with phase detection pixels) is faster than the X-T1. Chris says that

“the X-T1 is perfectly capable of tracking moving subjects, it’s just when push comes to shove, it kind of slips a little bit. […] Sometimes it has a slow and hard time trying to get the initial focus. Once it does, it’s ok.

And is the death of DSLR’s really near? Well, if you compare DSLRs and mirrorless in the same price range, then it really seems so. Mirrorless is better. Chris says:

Mirrorless cameras are all amazing nowadays. This is really the last bastion that DSRL’s held, quick focussing and shooting.

But fact is that all mirrorless cameras we tested today are faster than any DSLR in their price range.

The fact is, mirrorless cameras are only getting better, and they are already outcompeting a lot of their competition. If your going to spend $7000 on a DSLR you’ll get the best of the best, but otherwise, look to mirrorless. These cameras can really handle their own.”

AF tracking test

– Here is another AF tracking test, this time with the 18-55 kit lens.


And since we are comparing AF-speed, here is another video of eyalg. He compared the [shoplink 16816 ebay]Panasonic GX7[/shoplink], X-T1 and Sony A6000 in low light conditions.

In this case, the X-T1 is faster than the A6000, but slower than the GX7.