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7Artisans 25mm f/0.95 Sample Images, Additional Details and More


We have already shared a first review about the upcoming 7Artisans 25mmF0.95 in this article.

Now more pictures and details have been shared by 7Artisans on the Chinese social media Weibo, which you can find down below.

Full Presentation

Seven Craftsmen is about to release a new product “25mm F0.95 APS-C” large aperture wide-angle lens, which together with the recently released 50mm F0.95 and 35mm F0.95 form the “Firefly” series, featuring a super-large aperture as its main feature.

This is a half-frame lens suitable for shooting small scenery and environmental portrait content. The supported mount is E/Z/X/M43/EOSM/R/L (R/L mount will be available later in the evening). The new product is expected to open at the end of September The price will be announced later.

🌟The picture quality is excellent, and the large aperture also has excellent resolution
The 25mm F0.95 APS-C lens adopts 11 optical structures in 9 groups, all using HOYA high-quality lenses, including three HOYA ultra-low dispersion lenses to suppress spherical aberration and coma that negatively affect resolution performance Aberrations, and can reduce color overflow caused by axial dispersion, thereby improving the imaging quality of shooting with a large aperture and increasing the resolution of the lens.

🌟25mm focal length, small wide angle to accommodate more details
Different from the commonly used 35/50 focal length, the new product released this time selects 25mm, which is a small wide-angle and large-aperture model that is rarely seen in the market for half-frame lenses. As a small wide-angle lens, it can accommodate more landscapes and details when shooting. It is especially suitable for travel photography, and it can better integrate with the landscape when shooting portraits. The sharp image and soft blur effect can make it an excellent choice for a variety of scenes from landscape portraits to still lifes.

🌟F0.95 large aperture, enjoy beautiful blur
The large aperture of F0.95 has great advantages for shooting in low light conditions. The larger amount of light can make the viewfinder brighter and easier for the photographer to observe the subject. And compared with the same focal length small aperture lens, it can have a faster shutter, lower ISO, and better night scene performance. At the same time, the shallow depth of field created by F0.95 can achieve the knife-sharp milking effect most players want. The picture is more transparent, the colors are more vivid and vivid, and the picture is more full and vivid than the small aperture lens, and players can enjoy To the rich photography pleasure.

🌟Focus at 0.25M recently, experience the fun of macro
The closest focusing distance of 0.25M and the F0.95 super-large aperture can easily shoot still life images with beautiful blur effects, and experience the fun of still life shooting and macro shooting.

🌟Small breathing effect, better for shooting video with stepless aperture
Compared with other models, 25mm F0.95 can control the breathing effect better, especially the breathing in the center of the screen is very slight. The lens adopts a stepless aperture design, which can complete a very smooth aperture change when shooting video without the sound of aperture switching. At the same time, the focus ring and aperture ring of the lens have moderate damping, smooth and smooth, and good control. The lens is a good choice for video shooting.

🌟All metal material, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant
The mechanical structure of the lens is made of metal parts, and the new casing oxidation process makes it more wear-resistant, oil-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and it is not easy to absorb dust, making cleaning difficult. At the same time, the bayonet part is upgraded to be more robust and durable, and the color and texture of the electroplated tungsten steel is better.

via 7Artisans