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24 Hours Left and we Still Know Nothing about the Fujifilm X-Pro2 :: Japanese estimated price leaked


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Let me say it like this: “We don’t know anything about the Fujifilm X-Pro2… despite all the leaks of our amazing sources!”


Because on paper the wide phase detection pixel coverage sounds amazing… but in real life, how good does it perform? And how is the dynamic range of the new 24MP sensor? The ISO noise and more?

We want samples. We want first looks. We need tests… and for some reason nobody has (still) published (leaked) a first look ahead of the X-Pro2 launch.

And while specs are more or less exciting, what X-shooters really need now is not the on-paper-camera, but the real-life-camera. Feeling, handling & on field performance is not something you’ll find in spec-sheets (or in rather bad Promo Videos ;) )

But until then, all we have are rumors… and our rumor buddy digicame-info just leaked the price in Yen:

X-Pro2: 215000 yen (tax included) – ($1,681)
XF100-400mm: 242000 yen (tax included) – ($1,892)
X70: 96000 yen (including tax) – ($750)
External for X70 optical view finder VF-X21: 23000 yen (including tax) – ($179)
FinePix XP90: 30000 yen (including tax) – ($234)

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