X-E1 sniper configuration prototype


sniper X-E1 photo SniperX-E1_zpsb865c940.jpg

You may remember Richard’s X-E1 evolution (see the X-E9 here :-) ).

The latest developments are really interesting. He updated a Sniper X-E1 configuration with a real Leica red dot sight… Now, point and shoot! Guess what lens he is using!


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  • Squaak

    I guess this is going way over my head…

  • Robbert

    Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR II. Good luck framing.. (“sniping”?)

  • http://eccentrica.eu/ Marcin W. Dabrowski

    Well… Two days ago I’ve attached Meyer Optik Telemegor 400/5.5 to X–E1 (adapter: Kiwi M42 to X). From about 60m, and cropped (effective focal in this crop is about 750mm), and it gives something like this: http://eccentrica.eu/opad/20130129.jpg — but man, framing with this is a nightmare. For this so–so test shot I had to use mechanical shutter cord to keep the camera from moving — hereby confirming that this 30 year old technology works well with X–E1. 😀

    Patrick, if you think the readers would be interested in reading how the X–E1 works with my 30 yo M42 glasshouse, I can prepare some kind of a report.

  • nxxo

    ha ha ha

  • shinnn

    hahah XD i did the same on the x-pro1 a while ago. While it’s fun to try out a combination like that sadly it won’t do for a long period of time. if someone has a 560mm or a 1000mm let’s see it then xDD

  • Dmitry

    So, if I mount a lens that weighs about a pound or pound and a half to the X-E1, will the camera body and the mount be able to hold it if I put the camera on the tripod?

    • http://eccentrica.eu/ Marcin W. Dabrowski

      @Dmitry, if you have really big lens it’s better to attach the lens to the tripod, not the camera. I wouldn’t risk shattering the mount in X–E1 with too heavy lens.