VSCO FILM 03 for Adobe Lightroom 4 and ACR


film03 photo film03_zps18c42a4a.png
Product description:

“Revolutionary presets and camera profiles to streamline your workflow and produce beautiful post-processing results. VSCO Film 03 introduces the beautiful tones and magical tints of instant film to the digital realm. Built from the ground up, VSCO Film™ 03 for Lightroom [and ACR] 4 utilizes Lightroom’s [and ACR’s] new 2012 process, as well as RGB curves resulting in even greater realism in film emulation. Improved control of color tones and contrast mirror the subtle nuances of analogue film. VSCO Film 03 also includes new custom camera profiles for Fuji, Canon and Nikon, as well as custom tools like Clarity Down, Sharpness Down, Old Lens and various Toning looks tailored to achieve an accurate & authentic Instant film look.”

You can download version 03 at the price of $119 (£75/ €90) here. If you buy it until February 26th you save 25%. Those who already own VSCO Film 01 or 02 will save 50%. If you don’t own it, you can buy version 01 or 02 for the full price and then save 50% on the purchase of VSCO Film 03. So hurry, offer expires on February 26th!

via dpreview

A tutorial video here. First impressions and samples at jeremy cowart here and laroquephoto here


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  • klehmann

    well – revolutionary might be pushing it just a tiny tad;o) – very nice though and definitely ultra-hyped these days… others are doing similar and not gettin’ quite the amount of exposure ‘deserved’ ie x-equals… not that im in any way affiliated although quite the happy user… it’s a little ‘boring’ though that many just settle for the presets themselves instead of using them as starting-points towards something ‘bigger’… it’s gettin’ to a point where one can say by merely glansing a shooter’s digi-contactsheet/blog: “oh, yet another vsco-user there” … well, to each his own, i guess – perhaps it’s really not so much different than when shootin’ film and all had a more or less similar selection of celluoid at ones disposal?

    • Gaffman

      I didn’t buy the previous versions but I might give this one a look with its native Fuji custom profiles.

      I’m wondering how long this “vintage look” fad can go on. Its showing no signs of letting up. Will anyone ever strive for clean contrasty saturated digital images ever again? :)

      Oh well. We might all have similar tones but at least our compositions and subjects can set us apart. klehmann you’re right, its the film days all over again :)

  • http://www.lets-ride.de Rico Pfirstinger

    I very much like Film 01 and 02 for Apple Aperture. I am using the presets all the time, but of course I’m doing it in a way that doesn’t shout “effect” or, even worse, “look, it’s a VSCO Film effect”. OTOH, I also appreciate the vintage look these presets can produce, especially in combination with legacy glass.

    I also prefer VSCO over DxO FilmPack or NIK ColorEfex, because VSCO settings are completely non-destructive. I’m looking forward to the Aperture version of Film 03.

    • Gaffman

      In your opinion Rico, what is the biggest advantage having custom Fuji profiles available within this VSCO? Given that you’ve been happily using the presets without such profiles in the previous releases.

      • klehmann

        We can certainly agree about the convenience when it comes to stayin’ within the non-destructive environment of LR and not havin’ to relying on plugins! DxO is a bit, well, weird or ‘aged’ at best in my view but most of the Niks stuff is really very very good allthough ColorEfex hasn’t found its way into my toolbox. The SilverEfex came with my Monochrom so that I can certainly vouch for but this is really beside the point here… Actually what I find most usefull in the VSCO packs is their tools-section – in terms of filmsimulations i find x-equals previously mentioned vastly superiour even to a point where it’s almost overwhelmingly ‘overkillish’ in sheer supply… And that’s sayin’ a lot I realize – I know, I know: taste i subjective… but VSCO marketing, website, indeed entire overall package just looks so very pro & nice. x-equals unfortunately, not so much;o) Their loss, I guess.

    • klehmann

      Yeah, the custom profile part is quite intriguing if not even tempting;o) – read over at theiir website somewhere that they were considering the possibility to implement similar (Fuji profiles) in 01+02-sets.I certainly dont intend to throw around loose rumours but i think I remember right about it being perhaps from their blog/support-part… not 100% about location so it’s on my shoulders, I guess;o)