Thanks to Draigon who linked this video in the comments to the previous post!

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  • Peter N

    for all those complaining about AF, Fuji threw the kitchen sink at it. X100s has hybrid AF, focus peaking, digital split imaging! So many options, kudos to Fuji!

    btw I linked to this video in the previous post 😉

  • MJr

    That’s the rear display they’re using !

  • http://www.mengyeap.blogspot.com Meng Yeap

    Does the split image work on OVF?

    • http://www.trimar.ch Duque

      Good question.

      though hence it said “Digital Split Image” I’d go for EVF only

      • MJr

        The OVF overlay is digital, coming from the very same LCD that is the EVF.

        But if the OVF did have it, i think FujiGuys would have mentioned it.

  • Martin

    I hope all this lands with a firmware update on my brandnew X-E1. It would be sassy if all this would only be available with the successor.

    • Lucas

      Maybe this feature requires the phase-detection points integrated into the sensor

    • Tom

      I read somewhere that the split image function uses the phase detection. If true, since the original X-Trans sensor doesn’t have PDAF, this function won’t be available on the XPro/XE1. On the other hand though, focus peaking should be firmware based…

  • khuzul

    Can’t wait for a FF mirrorless

  • den_sh

    Quote from leaked press release:

    “Making use of the built-in phase detection pixels for AF action, the X100S is the world’s first camera to offer a “Digital Split Image” feature, which displays dual images on the left and right to be lined up for manual focusing. This enables accurate focusing especially when working with an open aperture or macro shooting.”

    This means that we will not see digital split screen on X-Pro1 and X-E1 as they don’t have phase detection.

  • Andy

    Hands on preview for x100s is up at dpreview!

  • http://johanniels.com Johan Kuiper

    So cool. I’ve mailed Fuji the night they launched the X100, asking for this in the EVF. It seemed easy to do with the hybrid finder they created for the X100.

    Hat’s off to Fuji for listening! Thanks guys!

  • Al

    I have that feature in my eye. It’s called Macular Degeneration.

    I do like the feature, and will save up my pennies for this camera.

  • Folly

    The engineers can create the machine that does all the calculations and build controllers to work their magic so I can then use a manual ring to improve upon the result? Much ado about nothing. They want to sound like they’ve improved on rangefinders which no doubt they have. Why bother with this trite experiment and just use the AF the way engineers designed it.