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The press conference is over. The long waiting has come to and end. Please reload this post to see the latest links.


X100S: AmazonUS /


X20: Trustedreviews / French review (translated version) / Photographyblog hands-on photos / Spanish DSLRmagazine (translated version)

X100s: DPreview X100S first look / Spanish DSLRmagazine (translated version) / French Focus Numerique (translated version) /  Hands On demo at petapixel of split Image Manual Focusing (with video) /

Imaging Resource: Fujifilm FinePix HS50EXR / Fujifilm FinePix HS35EXR Fujifilm FinePix SL1000 / Fujifilm FinePix XP60 / Fujifilm FinePix S8300 and S8200 / Fujifilm FinePix T550

German overview of the new Fuji Cams prestented at the CES at photoscala.de (translated verison)


 Fuji Guys X1oos preview

Fuji Guys Fuji X20

More from Fuji Guys videos: Instax Mini 8 – First Look / SL1000 – First Look / S8xxx Series – First Look / HS50EXR – First Look / XP60 – First Look / T500 – First Look /

Whatdigitalcamera Preview

Italian X100s hands on preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQAfIapHCYU


Fuji X20 by David Cleland

from the PRESS CONFERENCE (Cnet)

X100s: PRICE: $1299.95 / 16.3 MP, no OLPF, new 6X6 array / 25 percent better resolution, 30 percent S/N improvement / image quality rivals the full frame / phase detection / hybrid AF system / digital split image focus for better control over manual focus / upgraded viewfinder that promises 100 percent coverage / 9 blade leaf shutter stays / 3-stop ND filter / FAST

X20: PRICE: $599.95 / 12.0 MP, No OLPF, New 6X6 array / 28mm- 112mm F/2.0-2.8 lens / 20 percent resolution, 30 percent S/N improvement / fast / hybrid AF / advanced optical viewfinder, with digital trans panel that display all your data (1mm thick trans panel acts like a HUD) / multiple exposure options brought over from X100 /

The first X-TRANS CMOS II officially announced / phase detection AF on imaging sensor / very fast new EXR II processor / Auto focus, shutter intervall and start up time: worlds fastest in every class / Fujinon lenses: aspherical lens, extra dispersion glass lenses, multiple layering coating technology/ the 55 to 200 in April and more lens planned for the rest of this year /

  • Stephen

    No mention of release date of the new cameras?

    • Tom

      It was previously rumored around mid Feb.

    • lennyKravic

      It wasn’t mentioned exactly or I didn’t noticed it, but Engadget says end of March.

  • Paul

    Any chance of new firmware for clàssic x100?

    • Antonio G

      I hope so as some things like focus peaking can be done via firmware update (Sony made it for NEX 5), other like digital split depends on the new sensor and can’t apply.

  • Adam

    “New 6X6 array” — does that mean different from the X-Trans format used for X-Pro1 and X-E1? If so …. ARGH! We will never have 3rd party support for RAW processing (Lightroom, Aperture, etc. …). No software company will invest the time and resources to demosaic X-Trans if Fuji keeps changing it every few months.

    • Roberto

      This sounds very bad indeed. I now wish I waited few weeks before buying the (not exactly cheap) X-E1. We may get some RAW support (e.g. Capture One) but the fact that they decided to modify it is an indication that the original layout has some problem. Looks like both X-Pro and X-E1 were somewhat prototypes, and now they have a more mature sensor to build cameras around. See for instance what they say in the press conference about speed, which is definitely not one of the strengths of X-E1.

      • vam

        I’m sure they meant it’s a new array only for the X100 but the same as the one in the X-Pro1 and X-E1. In the X-E1 it works great and the problems are enlarged and in real use, not an issue at all. They wouldn’t want to shoot themselves in the foot with a new layout and making proper third-party raw support arrive even later. And regarding the AF speed of the X-E1, I’m quite pleased with it. A little bit slower than the E-M5 but it could find focus even in dark areas (without AF assist light) where a Nikon D90 with it’s phase AF couldn’t anymore.

        • Antonio G

          I agree with you when you say “new” for the X100 as the differences to allow phase AF is not supposed to demand array changes (according to the rumors about the patent registration), therefore it shouldn’t compromise third party software support development.

      • Antonio G

        As vam says the “new” must be related to X100 only.
        The new sensor version brings phase AF but according to the rumors about the patent registration this shouldn’t affect the sensor’s array, therefore it seems that there is no problem for third party software development.

    • Tom

      I honestly believe it is the same sensor as x-pro/x-e1, only modified to add phase detection in it. Otherwise it’s the same 6×6 non-bayer sensor. The RAW conversion algorithm should be identical.

      • Renato S.

        Exactly! Seriously, these guys that cry about everything like the world is ending are so annoying. They should check the facts, the websites before panicking like that! It’a a new tech and the pros top the cons by far.

        What you get from the X-trans sensor and its DR and ISO performance is astonishing. Fair enough, the 3rd party support is not that great – yet – but it’s a matter of time and amount of cameras until they have a better support, no need for all that commotion.

        • Tom

          Regarding the RAW converter, what’s mind boggling to me is why doesn’t Fujifilm provide its own RAW software (Silkypix is not Fujifilm brand) like Nikon with Capture NX or S-series dslr with Hyper Utility.

          Granted HU was a clunky and slow software, it’s tailor made to the RAF. If in-camera RAW conversion can be implemented, I can’t see why Fuji doesn’t provide us a desktop version.

      • Ke

        DPReview says it’s the same sensor, just with added phase detection points.

    • Adam

      OK, on the marketing page they’ve posted for the X100s, the picture they show for the X100s sensor shows the same arrangement as shown for the X-Pro1 and X-E1. So hopefully …

  • Brentifer

    I’m loving this and plan on upgrading my x100 for sure, I was going to get an X-E1 but I’m glad I waited, only big question that’s plaguing me and I doubt it will, but will any of the manual focusing functions operate in any way in the OVF? Has anyone heard anything about this?

  • Fred

    Where is the black x100s??
    Please Fuji not that stupid “Special Edition” thing again…

    • Tim

      Good question! Sounds like a perfect upgrade for me, but if they’re going to release a black one later I think I’ll wait. (They wouldn’t really try making black more expensive again… Would they?)

  • Stephen

    Looks like they didn’t change the battery. Kind of bummed that the direction will be the same. Since this is a more heavy duty sensor and processor, I wonder how it will affect battery life.

  • Allen

    1: Will there be a black model?

    2: Split focus in the ovf?

    3: How does the manual focus ring feel? Laggy? Responsive?

    4: Does the control dial and menu button have the same issues as the original?

    5: How much faster is the autofocus in real world conditions?

  • big b

    Hopefully there will be a firmware update for the xe1.
    – minimum shutter speed in auto iso
    – minimum iso and maximum iso in auto iso
    – focus peaking
    – perhaps improvements on the auto focus speed

    I’m glad that fuji dose consider the foices of the users…

  • Tom

    Just watched the FG video on the X100s. One change nobody seems to talk about is moving the AF selector to the right side. Having to press the AF button with your left thumb was uber annoying, but this subtle change is huge and welcome (although I’d still like changing AF point without pressing anything)!! Kudos to Fujifilm for listening to customers!

  • web

    Wheres the black?
    Get with it Fuji.

  • Ray

    The Fuji rep in this video stated the X100s will release in LATE of March?

    lame :(


  • Steve

    Hey guys bad news here..

    Question asked to billy (fuji guys) on twitter :

    Q : @fujiguys is the Digital Split Image/Focus Peaking also on the OVF 4 X100s? Will this be available 4 the X-pro1 via software updates? Plz??

    A : @justingiritlian split uses phase detection pixels. In OVF, when manually focusing, it switches to EVF


  • Tom

    Billy from Fujiguys demo-ed the pre-production X-100S. FP and split focusing are welcomed addition!


    • f/8

      If you forward to 5:45, this is awesome what Billy says and I think he knows how nuts people are going to be about this camera.

  • Jeff

    Any news updates on the Lens roadmap… 24 and 56 1.4?

  • W. C.

    Very reasonable pricing on both cameras. Thank you, Fuji.

    Just make sure you make a black X100s available, or else these super stealth ninja pros may risk being seen. They must never be seen taking pictures. Because black cameras make them invisible to the world. They are the super stealth ninja pros. Give them their black cameras. Or else. The forums will rage. Threats will be made. They will abandon the system. Or worse. They mighty cry. You heard it here first, Fuji.

    Fuji: “Here is our camera, in silver.”
    Colour Coordinating Gear Head Forum Fiend: “Where’s the black, Fuji?”
    Fuji: “Here is our camera, in black.”
    Colour Coordinating Gear Head Forum Fiend: “Where’s the silver, Fuji?”
    Fuji: “Here, we have made our camera available in both black and silver variants. Due to great customer demand.”
    Colour Coordinating Gear Head Forum Fiend: “The lens hood / adapter ring / flash / microphone etc. doesn’t match, Fuji! C’mon! Make them all in silver and black versions!”
    Fuji: “Just buy what we made. Okay?”
    Colour Coordinating Gear Head Forum Fiend: “That’s it. I’m jumping ship. It could have been great, Fuji. But you can’t treat us like this. It’s my way, or no way. So long, Fuji!”

    BTW, I am happy with the silver. No, really. I am. Thank you, Fuji.

    • John

      Lol…..! You are so right. These are the same guys using Gaffer Tape on their logo’s. Taking themselves so seriously…… Nerds :-).

    • Carl

      Spot on :-)

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