More Fuji X100S And X20 First Impressions

Quick post to feature a X100S and X20 first impressions by Laura Hicks over at digitalcamerareview.

About the Fuji X100S:

At CES I had the opportunity to check out the X100S. It has a retro body design that is pleasing to the senses. Whether you are holding the texturized body or touching the cool metal, the X100S is the embodiment of a tactile experience. It is also solid and well-built. The camera responded quickly and had very good image quality. The f/2 lens was crisp and offered a great depth of field. But one of the most amazing parts of this camera was the electronic view finder (EVF). It was one of (if not the best) EVF I have ever held to my eye.

On the X20:

I was also able to spend some time with the X20 at CES 2013. My first impression of this camera is very good. The body of this camera looks strikingly similar to the X10 with only a few minor changes. The f/2.0-2.8 lens has a fantastic minimum aperture. The X20 has a lot of physical buttons and dials which feeds my need to have control over my camera. The mode and exposure dial are my favorites. The camera has a built-in flash as well as a hot shoe. And for those of us that can’t seem to break away from holding a camera to our eye, an electronic view finder is present.  Both the LCD screen and OVF are bright and crisp.

Fuji X100s pre-order options: Amazon | B&H | Adorama
Fuji X20 pre-order options: Amazon | B&H | Adorama

[via digitalcamerareview]

  • Gabriel

    It’s not an EVF on X20, but an OVF with a 85% coverage.

  • Dr

    On the X20:

    “And for those of us that can’t seem to break away from holding a camera to our eye, an electronic view finder is present. Both the LCD screen and EVF are bright and crisp.”

    Really? The X20 has an EVF? Fuji says it has on OVF with an electronic overlay. Did Laura actually look at the camera?

    • GrauUhu

      Good question.

    • admin

      I think that’s just a typo and nothing more than that!

  • Lee

    When will x20 be on the US market?

  • http://shashinkaichiban2.wordpress.com Jason

    Already love the X100 a few friends shoot with, but I’m still not going to buy an X100/s, but the X20 looks more and more promising as a pocket camera.

    • Wen

      X20 is only about 10% smaller than X100/s

  • Ryan

    Them impressions dont tell us much about the x20……at all.

  • Laura Hicks

    Dr, I apologize for the mistake. The admin was correct in assuming it was a typo. Unfortunately, my typing fingers got in front of my brain. For that I am sorry. My goal is to represent the camera correctly. Thanks for fact checking.

    Ryan, What information would you like about the X20? In so many respects the feel of the camera is very similar to the X100S. It has a classic body style and a great retro look. The AF seemed to respond quickly. The unit I looked at was a pre-production unit. So Fuji might make some changes to the final unit. At this point, I don’t feel comfortable comparing it to the X10 since I didn’t fully test it.

    I was not able to take either of the cameras out of the room where I was briefed. My initial reaction to both of these cameras is very positive. I have a feeling that the X20 will sell better than the X100S simply because it is aimed at a larger target audience.

    Fuji cameras are well known for their color quality. Unfortunately, the room I was in was completely white with almost no color so I am not able to speak to that. Also, the lighting was not great either. In order to discuss color or image quality I would want to take it into the field and really try it out. At CES we did not have that opportunity.

    Let me know if there is any other information you want to know about the camera. I would be happy to pass along the information. My goal is to give you information that you can’t read about in the press release (like the feel of the camera, how it responds, who is the camera designed for, etc).

    This is my first reaction to the cameras, not my full review. Thanks for the feedback.